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Can Lloyds TSB Bank close my account without notice?

I was unable to make any internet payments from my Lloyds account so i rang the help number and was asked to go into my own branch with some ID. I went along with my passport and was told to hand over my debit card while he informed that my account had been closed a week ago, this was the first i knew about it. He didn't know why and handed me a leaflet with a number and an address to write to. As my account had been closed i asked for the £1,700 that was left in there and he said i couldn't have it because they would use it to pay my Lloyds TSB Mastercard, which i owe £518.36 by 13th September. I rang the number on the leaflet and nobody there knew why my account had been closed i have also written to them recorded delivery and to The Financial Ombudsman. I have had the account for more than 20 years and lived at the same address for more than 20 years!.What is going on?

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    We know as much as you.

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    I guess that Lloyds have introduced a 'flag' to tell them when a customer utilises their credit card in this way as, of course, they are not benefiting from what is in effect a loan, albeit short term. In your position I would visit their high street competitors and ask what their policies were. You then have a couple of options. 1) Move your account. 2) Stay with Lloyds and use a separate credit card provider. I doubt if Lloyds will backtrack on the decision. If they won't I would wave them goodbye, assuming you can find a more helpful bank.

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    I think you have been caught out making some fraudulent statement, albeit maybe some quite innocent fraudulent statement and a teller at the bank has decided rightly or wrongly to report you in the hope it gets him/her on the ladder upwards. I suppose it will still be under investigation and you will be hearing from them shortly. I won't wish you good luck as you may yet be guilty, ha ha.

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