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I'm going through some tough times - how to cope with stress? Long read please answer?

I've been thinking about life a lot lately, a lot. My Mom's in hospital for having fluid in her lungs, although that's getting better, she's got CCF. Heart failure. I'm 14 and my Mom's got heart failure. Anyway - she also has HEP C,(a liver disease which will gradually kill you) from a needle-stick injury at work and Factor 5 Leiden (a blood clotting disorder passed down in your genes). She was diagnosed with Factor 5 Leiden and Hep C 7 years ago. My Mom doesn't drink any alcohol whatsoever, so she wasn't worried about the Hep C.

*Sigh* Anyway, she went to the doctors about 12-18 months ago and they said that her Hep C was 'active'. She was told to keep away from stress if possible...

Well - last year our house burned down. My Mom was absolutely distraught. We weren't insured and she turned pessimistic...We haven't gone to therapy, or seen any doctors about our depression...

We're now living in my Dad's co-workers dump. We've got garbage bags as curtains, a mattress on the floor as a lounge, and no furniture at all...Our TV is supported by a blanket box; something that's meant to be in a bedroom :/

Ehh - anyway...My Mom started to get really ill about 5-6 months ago. She must of picked up a virus and it didn't go away...Well, she started having coughing fits a lot, and got out of breath very, very easily. I kind of thought that she was going to die...Her eyes and skin were yellow, she got really sick easily, she would get up at 3am every night to have pain relief...It was terrible.

So my Father, Brother and I forced her into seeking medical help. (I thought she was going to die, but I didn't know what was wrong - she had an ulcer on her leg that was very sore, and that's why we forced her into going to the hospital).

It turns out, she was very ill. The fluid in her lungs was apparently 'very bad'. She was put on a pill that makes excess fluid in her body drain; (so she'll be on the toilet a lot). She's still waiting for an echo X-ray (Sorry - I'm not too sure what it's called..) of her heart. She's going to see a cardiac doctor *hopefully* soon.

Today while I was in the hospital with her, a doctor came in and asked about her Hep C. She said it would be highly recommended if she were to seek treatment. My Mom's going to see a liver professional soon...The doctor's are still trying to find out why she's got CCF.

I'm just really scared that, because of the Hep C, Factor 5, and CCF all gathered together, I'll loose my Mom at an early age. Since she's been in hospital, I've been bending over backwards doing laundry, the dishes, taking clothes on & off the clothesline, putting clothes away, etc etc. It's kind of hard trying to look after all of my family at once, while visiting my Mom in hospital... But it's just out of respect, you know?

Well yeah...I'm so happy if you're still reading this...I'm just extremely paranoid that my Mom will have a tumor or extensive damage to her liver, kidney's or heart. I'm scared that she'll be given a life expectancy...

My Brother's also very scared because he looked up the long-term affects of having CCF, and it said that almost 70% of people who are diagnosed with CCF (congestive cardiac failure) will only live 5-10 years after their diagnosis. I'm hella scared, man...

I've been crying all the time, I haven't eaten properly for 3 days...Even my Dad's scared about my well being...I'm just so stressed out...please give me some strategies to cope with stress and depression? Thanks in advance, woo! You read the entire question!!

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    I know how you feel. My father passed away 7 days after I turned 11. At least you have your brother and your father. My mom and dad divorced when I was little. Spend time with your family and have open lines of communications. It always hurts when you think you're about to lose someone you love, and unfortunately there's no real way to get rid of the pain. Make sure you talk to your family about what you're feeling. Tell your mom you love and appreciate her. Talk to a counselor if you can get a hold of one.

    The best thing you can do is talk. I know it must hurt a lot, but try to stay optimistic and make sure everyone keeps talking to each other. Don't hide anything from each other. It might be uncomfortable telling your family certain personal issues you may have, but remember they're your family and they love you. You'll feel a lot better getting everything off of your chest.

    I sincerely hope your mom gets better. Take care.

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    Remember that doctors don't always know how their patient will do and a positive attitude does help people get well. Also, sometimes going through the motions of life with a smile can train you to survive as you get though each day. Been there. I know that seems of little comfort, but it is true.

    There are liver cleanses that could help her deal with Hep C. Look into those.

    Take care of yourself. Your parents need you to be well. You don't know what will happen next, so don't expect the worst. That is like living the bad parts of life more than once. Try to live in the present and appreciate the little things. Sometimes we go through very trying times, but they don't last forever.

    Pray for your Mom. Tell yourself that you will get through this. Tell your family that you believe you can get through anything together. You can!!!!

    You are a brave and loving daughter. This experience, though tragic, will prove to yourself that you are a survivor.

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    For help in dealing with your stress I recommend meditation, yoga and listening to white noise to help reduce the stress. You can listen to brown noise which is my favorite on this site for free

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    Exercise, do things that make you happy, be more apathetic.

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