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Do people actually know what Net Neutrality is?

It's not about the content (like this question) or the user (you sitting at your computer), it's not about the web hosting clients (like Yahoo and it's servers), it's about the internet service providers' (comcast, verizon, etc...) ability to control the bandwidth (speed of which you download from a server) and what you can and cannot access.

Imagine, conservatives you are trying to access Fox or some other news website, your ISP just merged with NBC (like comcast is) NBC is in direct competition with Fox, so Comcast-NBC notice you're trying to access their competitions website they either drastically increase the time it will take to view it or block access to it all together.

Or think of this analogy, the internet is a water hose, you are trying to get the water from the source, however the "water service provider" steps in and creates a kink in the hose. So now instead of getting a lot of water, you are getting a trickle

Net Neutrality is about preventing ISPs from denying your access to any website.

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    yes ... in controlling bandwidth they can hamper the web sites of their competitors and any web site they don't like.

    I don't see any problem with preserving net neutrality.

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    I have never noticed any ISP blocking access to any website. Ever.

    The people who think that ISPs are blocking content are falling for a conspiracy theory. The ISPs don't care where you go on the Internet as long as you pay your bill on time.

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    My bandwidth is fine and it doesn't matter what I'm downloading and I've been on the web with comcast, high speed since 1998. So, I don't care if a 20 sec download now takes 40 sec.

    I download next to nothing and its usually text and here in the blink of an eye.

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    Keep the government OUT of the business of controlling the internet.

    "Net neutrality is the way Google is trying to spin it, but today's message has nothing to do with neutrality," said independent technology analyst Carmi Levy. "It opens the door to a less neutral Internet in the future."

    The proposal contains some good principles but "falls short," said Center for Democracy and Technology president Leslie Harris.

    "The companies' plan puts wireless Internet service into a regulatory no-go zone and offers only toothless protection for the open Internet against the voracious expansion of so-called 'additional services,'" Harris said."

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    Net neutrality basically does 2 things.

    1 it stops ISP's from blocking services from customers

    2 it makes it easier to go after american citizens who do things illegally on the internet however use foreign servers and get away with it on jurisdictional grounds.

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    Most libs are against it too. Keep the government out of the Internet! Period! Congress does not understand it, but that wont keep them from trying to regulate it.

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    No, most people don't know what it actually is. You can explain it to them three ways from Sunday, you can use diagrams and flashcards and break it down to the simplest thing to understand and they still won't get it because the almighty Glenn Beck and Fox News have told them it's bad.

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    I'm Sorry? What's wrong with blocking Fox?

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    Yeah...I don't know why people think Conservatives or anyone other than a corporation is for this. about that anti-corporatist administration, huh? Huh cheerleaders? Just looking out for the little guys, right?

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    It's about government control of the internet.

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    My jaw hit the floor when I heard of the tea party opposition to net neutrality. They are against the very process that made the Tea Party possible and the speed at which it was accomplished.

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