teenage mental health?

My 14 year old daughter has always said she sees people and i haven't taken much notice. Over the last year to 18 months she says she hears voices, sometimes multiple voices and has been experiencing audio and visual hallucinations. She genuinely believes its some kind of psychic strength.

However in the last year the voices are asking her to seek revenge on their killers and asking her to harm herself and her sisters.

She hasn't done this but now cannot handle whats going on in her head and to be honest neither can i.

She is very angy and tearful all of the time because she cannot control the voices or visions and its totally changed her personality.

She has gone from being a very outgoing and happy to teen to a miserable, angry and unhappy person.

After several months of going back n forth to the doctor, i have finally got a child psychologist to talk to her and us as a family.

Initially we were told we would have a 1 hour consultation. This became 2 hours and at the end we were told he needs at least another 4 sessions with her to tell us whats wrong.

He also advised us not to undermine what she is going through because she IS hearing and seeing stuff and its real to her and frightening.

He did say that as this stage we cannot say she is schizophrenic or suffering phsycosis. He did say she has low self worth and she is anxious.

He also advised that she is displaying a complex set of symptoms.

I am so worried about her. I would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced this with their teenager and how long it took to get a diagnosis and what the outcome was.

The chap asked my daughter if she felt suicidal and she said she does. He said that she is not an emergency as she hasn't tried to take her life or threatened anyone Else's life. Obviously i dont want it to come to that either.

We have to go back in 2 weeks.

Thanks for your time

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    i have a friend that was hearing voices and feeling the same way. im against taking drugs to cure any problems, but the doctor found the right one for him and he is 100% fine if he takes his pill every morning. i saw him change just like your daughter did and after he was put on the medication he turned back into himself very quickly. also, dont bring up her problem if she isnt having the problem. making them think about their problem sometimes makes it worse. it might have started as a small attention thing and grown into something too confusing for her to stop

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    Most people with psychotic disorders have their first break with reality in their teens or early 20s. Your counselor is right that he can't make a diagnosis immediately, as there are several kinds of disorders that have similar symptoms. Possibilities include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression. The diagnostic guidelines for these disorders involve the patient suffering for a certain amount of time before a diagnosis can be made, unfortunately. These disorders are very treatable with medication.

    If you genuinely feel she is a direct threat to herself or anyone else, take her to the emergency department. I am surprised that this doctor you are seeing has made your next appointment so far away. If she gets worse or you have more concerns about her you should call this doctor back and speak with him. He is right in telling you that the voices are as real to her as you are. Be patient with her, but make sure she doesn't have access to anything she could hurt herself with.

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    Go to your local Spiritualist Church, they are involved in mediumship and the communication with other spirits etc. They may be able to help you to establish if your daughter has opened up her psychic/mediumship ability, and whether it is negative spirits being mischevious with her - but best of all they can help her, where often the medical profession just resolves to medication.

    Clairvoyance - Seeing Spirits etc

    Clairaudience - Hearing Spirits etc

    Clairsentience - Seeing Spirits

    You can have a look at the http://www.snu.org.uk

    (that is the headquarters of all the spiritual churchs in the uk, you do not have to be a particular religion, or indeed have to believe in it - they are very loving, kind and helpful)

    I wish your daughter and yourself all the best.

    Lots of Love

    Misscpb xxx

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    She has the symptoms of schizophrenia and needs to see a psychiatrist. Do not delay. Without proper medication, it will get worse. Do not waste time and money on psychologists.

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