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Average amount of words in a chapter?

I know that it varies for different authors, but what's the average word count for a chapter in a book?

My chapters in my books are about 1,500-2,000 words each? Is that normal or are they too short?

Thanks so much. :)

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    Well, as long as the whole story is told, word count doesn't matter AT ALL.

    My chapters' word counts average out to be around 3,500/4,000 words. My shortest was about 2,000 or so. My longest was 6,500 words [crazy, lol].

    All anyone can say is what they, themselves, do. Honestly, I have no idea what could be "average".

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    as has been mentioned already, an average number of words won't help much

    some books don't even have chapters, while I've seen others with certain chapters probably less than a hundred words

    i think it depends on personal taste, so i'd recommend figuring out what length you prefer chapters to be. when you're reading do you start wishing for chapters to be over already or wonder why they're ending so soon? look at some of your favourite books and estimate a number - count the number of words on three lines then get the average wpl number. multiply this by the number of lines per page and then by the average number of pages per chapter.

    if you try to make all your chapters the same length though it can begin to look/sound unnatural or stilted. if it makes sense to start a new chapter, regardless of word count, do it. if not, don't


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    All of my chapters have anywhere between 1,700 and 2,500 words. I can't write long chapters because I personally hate reading super long chapters in books. However, one chapter of my other novel is 4,025 words, but that's just because there was a lot to cover in that one. Like you said, it varies for different authors, but I suppose you could count the number of words in the chapters of a few of your favorite books.

    I don't think they are too short, but that's just because we have the same average word count. I find short chapters are better, but some people enjoy the longer ones.

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    Honestly, you cant calculate an average for this with so much variability between different books and different authors. And even if you did, the average wouldnt depict what the "average" truly is because it would be skewed by books that had far too little or far too many words. The median amount of words would be a better estimate of how many words are in a chapter.

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