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monopoly (the board game) buying houses?

OK so my mother is being a complete psychopath about monopoly and her and i disagree on the rules

Her Rules-

1. She says when you get all of the properties of a certain color and are going to buy houses you have to buy one house for each property you cant just buy one house for one property.

2. She Says you can only buy one wave of houses for a certain color each turn. (ex)You have Boardwalk and Park Place You can only put a "1" house on each property and if you cant afford two houses you cant buy any

Please help tell me if this is the correct rules for monopoly and if not post what they are thank you :)

by the way she read the rules and she thinks shes right so don't suggest the instruction...

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    I have been in several official Monopoly tournaments, so I have had a little experience in these things. According to the rules, once you have all of the properties of a color group, you may immediately (or later, if you like) build houses and/or hotels on the properties. You may build as many or as few houses as you like or have the money for; you are not restricted to one round of houses per turn. BUT ... you must build your houses evenly. This means you cannot build a second house on a property until each of the properties in that color group has one house. You cannot build a third house on a property until all of the properties in that color group have two houses. And so on. If you wish to build only one house on a single property for which you own all of the properties in its color group, that is okay according to the rules. Each house is technically built separately, so the even-building check is made after building each and every house.

    To build a hotel on a property, you must first have four houses in place on every property in its color group. You cannot simply assume virtual houses and pay a lump sum for the hotel upgrade. If a lot of houses have been bought by other players, there may not be enough houses for you to upgrade your color group to hotels. (There are supposed to be only 32 houses and 12 hotels in the game.) If the bank runs out of houses before you can build four houses on each property, you are out of luck. In fact I use this strategy quite a lot in Monopoly. I tend to buy up to four houses per monopolized property I own and refrain from upgrading to hotels so no one else can build anything. Although this is considered poor form by some players, it is a perfectly legal and often excellent strategy. - LJS

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    "To build a house or a hotel, the player must own all properties in a color group. Development must be uniform across a monopoly, such that a second house cannot be built on one property in a monopoly until the others have one house." I got that from Wikipedia. I have played this game since I was a little kid, and I have played different ways with different people. Sometimes we played like your mom is describing. Other times we would buy whatever we could afford, but you can't put a second house on a property unless all the other properties have one house already on it (like Wikipedia says). Hope this helps.

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    How Many Houses In Monopoly

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    ok.. if you own ALL of set of a property .. you can buy 1 house for one of the property or you can buy a set of houses. a set is 1 house for each of that color or set . properties can hold 4 sets of houses . When you buy a set . they cost on about 80% of what buying the houses 1 at a time.. Board walk and Park place are handled the same way there not special rules for those properties . however people often make there own rules up . those are call house rules .. like putting all the fines and taxes in the middle and pay them to the person who land of free parking . I have played the board game also play on PS3..

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    1. She is right on number one. You have to buy all houses of that color to buy a house on it.

    2. she is wrong u can buy and put a house on only one.

    Hope this helps! I love Monopoly. =)

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      can you help me, cause i don't know how to play a monopoly the electronic bank.

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    When you have all of the properties of a certain color, you can go ahead and just buy one house for one property; you do NOT have to buy a house for each of the properties at one time.

    Hope that helps!

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    well the rules for monopoly go by house rules and game rules, so if you don't like game rules you make your own and continue, but game rules say that as long as you have all colors of the property you can put as many houses on each (up to 4 before going to hotels if i remember) as you want if you have the mone, but you don't have to put one on each plot if you don't want to.

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    You can buy once you have all of one color. You can buy as many at a time as you like, bit you have to buy evenly. You must buy one for each house of that color before you can buy another for one of the properties (have to buy one for each before you buy the second for one)

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    You need to own all places of the same color. Then you can start buying houses.

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    i am a monopoly genius, i play ALL THE TIME :P

    okay, you have to own all 3 properties of the color. then, you have to land on one of the 3 properties to build when you choose to build, you look on one of the cards and say the houses are 100, and you have 500 you want to spend, you can get 5 houses and distribute them how you wish amoung the 3 properties. :)

    --then later if you have more money and you land on one of the properties again, feel free to but as many houses or even a hotel if you wish :)

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