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If i prayed for god to keep me away from the sins of today would he do anything to help no matter what?

What i am saying is that i prayed for god to keep me away from my daily sins the sins i do everyday the modern worldly sins, I asked for him to guide me to his words and understanding.A while after i had prayed all that i had headaches pains stomaches very sad sorrow random sorrow just depression but it kept me away from what i ususally do and it made me learn more about the bible and his words it made me seek understanding.Was it god who did this or was it just me.

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    He can give strength and guidance if youre willing to ask but we all have free will so we must keep trying.

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    God is always in control of everything. Remember that. It is never you.

    When you pray to God with a sincere heart (and He will know if you are or not) of course He will help you. The side effects of sin (headaches, pain, very sad sorrow, etc) are the sufferings one must go through to get to the other side of sin, which is living in the will of God. No one can just "jump" into the will of God without some kind of consequence. Sins are very serious and God deals with all those who sin justly and fairly. One thing is true about leaving behind a life of sin. There will be scars that will never heal. This is one of the consequences. However, once you experience living in the will of God, you will NEVER want to go back to your life of sin. Ever.

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    Stop bothering, since God knows the kind of trouble you are in. Whenever we make sincere efforts to make relationship with God, we tend to fall to sin. But do not think that this will take you away from God. Unless God attracts a person, he will never feel the way you felt. You truly want to live as God commands but are helpless with your mind's attitude. When you feel that you are straying away from God, the best way is to fast for one day and to go to a nearby church and submit your prayers in loneliness. Surely, he will strengthen you with spiritual enlightenment. Don't worry about it since it so happens sometimes.

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    You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expect God to give you some great revelation

    It don't work that way.

    The fundamental cause of trouble in the world today is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.

    -- Bertrand Russell, "Christian Ethics" from Marriage and Morals (1950), quoted from James A Haught, ed, 2000 Years of Disbelief

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    Why did God give the human race the Holy Bible ?

    so that you can pray to God to HELP you not to sin ? no

    the bible deals with so many issues, overcoming sin is one of them.

    the answer is already SUPPLIED by God.

    if you FOLLOW His instructions as per scripture, you would overcome sin.

    2Cor 10.5 = God teach us HOW to overcome sin.

    praying is good.

    its good to pray for the knowledge of His Word,

    that He open up His Word to our u/standing.

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    Faith comes only by hearing the Word of God, but faithfulness to God comes from us, whether we are sincere toward Him or not. The just person, that is those who are sincere may fall several times, but they will rise right back up into their sincerity toward God; but it is the wicked, those who are insincere, they shall fall into mischief.

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    Anytime you try to get closer to God, Satan is there. Through our struggles is victory. The potter is working the clay. Your beauty is evermore surfacing.

    To allow and even desire His work on you regardless of self is pure gain. You can't lose. Sacrifice is more than gold.

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    It was Both. I wasn't sure about believing, but I felt the same way. I read the Bible and those words are pretty damn powerful.

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    God provides you the oppurtunity, for they cannot interfere directly with the doings of us Mortals...

    Yes indeed if you found understand through a medium, thank God for God was teh one who provided it to you...

    Gods' message is quite simple, well messages if you interpret with the basic as key...the root message is to love...

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    YES. i do believe it is God who did this.i believe that if a person feels strong enough about something than God will answer their prayers

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