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does anyone else think Emma Watson is one of the most...?

does anyone else think emma watson is one of the most beautiful, feminine young actresses out there?

in fact (and this is my opinion, of course) she is THE most feminine, GRACEFUL, and pretty actress in her generation. she looks as fragile and pretty as a porcelain doll to me.

here's a picture:

and here's a link to an interview:

Youtube thumbnail

she comes in at around 00:30 seconds

if daniel or rupert say they don't have a crush on her, i don't believe them.

i mean she was cute before, a little awkward in the middle, but she is just STUNNING now!

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    i've always thought that too. she really is beauty personified. i love her new haircut

  • wilek
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    No, i in my view like her. i contemplate whether that is by way of fact i'm adequate older than her (and probable than you) to be extra objective. She is enjoying the area the way i might anticipate it to strengthen. She has continually been time-honored for her brains, yet she is going to have subject with crossing that over into being time-honored for her attractiveness besides. ingredient is, attractiveness extremely does have the mystical skill to charm. Hermione, as aptly performed with the help of Emma, is a witch who might desire to come to words together with her animal magnetism as a woman. it extremely is a ingredient and parcel of who she is, only as Harry's being male is a ingredient and parcel of who he's, and all people who contemplates the symbolic fee of a magic wand for a minute or so will artwork that one out. you spot, there is magic in the symbols, no rely if or no longer there is magic of the form made attainable with the help of modern action picture-making technologies. by way of fact the symbols let us know who we are, and what we've, and the thank you to benefit mastery over our magical methods. The Harry Potter sequence is a vocabulary we are able to apply to talk approximately ourselves, and what's genuine with regard to the magic of who we actually are.

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    She doesn't seem very charming or warm to me.

    She's no Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.

    Ann Blyth, who starred as Veda, in "Mildred Pierce" at seventeen years old was beautiful, charming, talented and elegant.

    Here's a photograph of her...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    no. She looks like little girl, though the haircut makes her look a little more mature. im bi and i've never been attracted to her, she's too thin and fragile looking (and this isn't a good thing to me)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No.... she is very cute, but definitely not stunning.. I do find her pretty, but in a more sweet, typical, girl-next-door way.

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  • Anonymous
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    Alright,alright .. she's beautiful. Happy now?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You are coming off WAY too obsessed.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    She's beautiful, no lie.

    Source(s): WWHMJD? HE WOULD ROCK!!! Thou shalt turn thy music UP!
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