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Feeling a bit confused/stuck about religion..?

Well, i'm a 16 year old girl living in London, i'm muslim, i wear a hijab, fast, etc but recently i've just been feeling a bit confused. I mean, my parents have NEVER forced me to do anything, they asked me if i wanted to wear the hijab and i thought 'heck, why not?' but now that i'm getting older and i suppose i'm going through that stage where you start to think for yourself etc and i am just in so much doubt. I've always wanted to go to gigs, but my parents have never let me, always wanted to get a place of my own when i was older but my parents have told me that they wouldnt let me live by myself being a young muslim woman. I suppose i'm not your typical muslim girl, not in the sense that i'm a wild train wreck of a teenager but i just dont want to live with my parents all my life. I've never felt like a normal muslim girl because i'm just so different to every other muslim girl my age i know, i dont know if this is because i'm mixed race (half european, half arab) or if i'm just being silly.

I believe in islam totally, it's the only religion that makes sense to me, and the thought of being an atheist, and completely dismissing that there is a creator/higher being who made us/the universe is just not going to happen, but i can't help but have these thoughts about what if there isn't a god, and that i'm just following this religion but there will be no day of judgement, no hereafter.

Anyway, i've gone on a bit too much, and told you a bit too much of my life.. But i just want to know if there is anything i can do to reinstate my faith in islam? Make my faith stronger? I have never really prayed consistantly, its always been one prayer here, one prayer there but i'm trying to pray a lot more during ramadhan, so i suppose that's a start?

Thanks for your answers

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    I felt like this once, having doubts about my religion. I started questioning myself and was soo confused that i didnt know what to believe. I knew that there was a God 100%, but just didnt know which religion would take me down at the right path. So i ignored all religion and started praying to God, I said '' Oh God i know you exist, please guide me to the right path" i kept on praying and praying and Alhamdulilah my faith was retored and was convinced that islam was the right religion for me. I never stopped believing in God and i knew that if i went astray and i turned to him, he will surely guide me. So my advice to you is to pray to God, at times like this He is your best friend.

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    Don't think that there is no day of judgement. NEVER think that. If you think that Atheism makes alot of sense well I have to ask you that if there wasn't a god, who created the world? The big bang? Do you actually beleive it is possible for a random explosion to create the world? If you think that, what is the possibility that this world was created in this way? There is everything we need. Water, Food, oxygen, materials to build shelter, a ground for us to walk on, rain to give us water, the sun, which gives us light and There are clouds that give us rain. Can you think of a better system? Yes, there are diseases that can kill us, but death is a part of life. We are supposed to return to Allah. As for the nonsense that we "evolved", how come we are not evolving further? If we adapted to this planet, how come there is no life on any other planet? The big bang created life only on this planet? Give me a break. Atheists are ignorant of these facts.

    As for believing more in Allah and Islam, the Quran is proof. The Quran sounds beautiful. The Quran also contained scientific facts before they were "discovered." There is a website which shows these "miracles" which I will show you later. Is there any other religon that tells us what to eat, how to greet a muslim, to fast, to give to the poor and pray a certain way five times a day? Just in salat, there are so many small details that make a difference. You have to stand a certain way, sit a certain way, fold your arms a certain way, recite your prayers a certain way and there is even a way to pray when you can't stand or sit!

    And then there are the sunnats. Which teach us how to live. How to eat, how to sleep, how to go to the washroom and even how to drink water.

    These kinds of things make Islam different from all other religons.

    Here are the links with "miracle pictures" and scientific facts from the quran.

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    I'm sure every one goes through this time in their life , you're just one of the few who admit it. and really , you're parents are bringing you up right , so be thankful! it doesn't matter if they don't let you go to parties , or move out , because 20 years from now that won't even matter. What will matter is how you kept your faith and trust , and how you listened to them because you've gotten so far. Now about your how to get closer to Allah question , their are a few things you can do to reensure your faith. Read the Qur'an! , Pray more , make supplication to Allah and NEVER forget him. Look up some supplications and learn the meaning , if you find one that relates to your situation , or just one that you like the meaning of it , memorize it and ALWAYS say it. Don't ever think twice about your beliefs because that will only lead you to live a confused life. Always remember that their is only ONE creator; Allah , and DON'T let anyone interfere with your beliefs.

    P.S: it's very brave of you to wear the hijab! you have a lot of pride , stay that way!

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    That's the start and that's the end. You're prayer.

    Bukhari used to collect hadiths right? He said that if he walked up to a person who seemed LAZY in his prayer, he wouldn't even talk to them, because that showed laziness in his deen meaning maybe he couldn't be trusted. And that's for someone that prayed 5 times.

    there is no ''muslim'' without the FIVE prayers. Not 1, not 4, but 5.

    I promise you if you do that and do it with sincerety, you'll be good.

    please do it :( soon the dirt of the grave will cover you and you'll have wasted your time.

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeee make the prayer :( all of it.

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    I guess you just have to begin to study your holy book. There's nothing wrong with wanting independence or do things other girls your age are doing and certainly nothing wrong with thinking for yourself. You're just at the stage where you're beginning to learn who you are so go with the flow. Respect your parents because you're still dependent on them and finish your studies and stuff but continue to question and gain a better understanding of your beliefs :)


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    i agree with both hiatus and amooli...great answers...

    the only thing i'll add up is about ur out how our religion is so much better and COMPLETE! than other religions...theres freedom of islam...freedom of thot is one of the most mentioned things in quran....other religions do not hav this.....

    & yes dont doubt ur beliefs....get ur brain into working..... :)

    it will actually read it all....our beliefs the history!!! the translation of Quranic Ayaat.

    & keep praying...PRAYERS are the only thing we OWN! :D

    good luck!

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    Go here and chat with the adviser:

    You can increase your faith more by visiting and watching these videos:

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    your parents are doing something to be nice. be happy about that

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