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  • 9 years ago
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    Erm you look fine, but i'm guessing you already know this. However, the fact that you base people view of you solely on physical appearance, the lack of descriptive text concerning you, your lifestyle, character traits etc, and your subtle attempt to avoid negative feedback with the 'if this question bothers you, don't answer' line leads me to the following concepts;

    You are obviously comfortable with your appearance, if not happy with it, particularly concerning you face, upper arms and breasts. However, the pictures suggest you may have concerns or insecurities about your lower body, perhaps you're not so comfortable with your legs or bum, as is increasingly common in our modern culture. Your picture is taken in a nice location, your hair recently coloured (hence the difficult to see roots), thus i would suspect this is one you have picked out, not an ad hoc one you have just taken and posted. This, although good in the sense you care of others perception of you, does not suggests insecurity about your everyday appearance (as would be so easy to infer), nor would i suggest your day to day look is necessarily poor. Rather i would suggest it is well represented by this photo (maybe half the preperation time and remove possible photoshop amendments), thus concluding you have confidence for positive responses and a level of dignity that proposes your 'why should people see me at anything less than my best' attitude - this is a positive trait. The second photo depicts a common sociological occurrence, in laymans terms - attractive girls hang out with mediocre/less attractive ones to bolster their own confidence and appear increasingly attractive to others. This in no way suggest you are using your potentially best friend on a conscious level, rather this is a psychological, unconscious phenomena which likely helped cement the beginnings of your mutual relationship. Both photos show your head tilted at an almost identical angle, again this proposes you have spent time perfecting how you appear to others and are aware of how to make yourself appear at your most beautiful - again this is positive. Although your willingness to post a good picture of yourself at the expense of your friend, who i have little doubt doesn't like this picture of herself, could infer a prioritisation of self above and beyond others. That isn't necessarily a bad trait though, as this helps to form a social hierachy, of which you are likely somewhere near the upper percentile. Social hierarchies are natural, conformity is after all a social necessity, and all conform to individuals one way or another. The last point i will make is to be open with friends, it is very easy to make people look up to you with a perfect outward appearance even if on the inside you're riddled with anxieties and imperfections. However it is important to have close friends to discuss concerns, not simply on a joking level of intimacy, but on a real and honest level of relationship. This is better for people as individuals so that they don't bury negative emotions and fears, but also on a social level by giving multiple levels of community a sense of worth and equality.

    ps. you look great. xx

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  • Really Pretty

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  • 9 years ago

    Ur reallly pretty your face is relly gorgeus any guy would be lucky to have you!! your beautiful and dont chnage yourself for anyone ;)

  • 9 years ago


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  • People who ask questions such as this are just fishing for compliments.

    you look fine, geesh

  • 9 years ago

    well I;m a girl..but if I seen you I would think you are very pretty and I like your makeup

  • 9 years ago

    I think that you're REALLY pretty and that you have gorgeous hair and skin!

  • 9 years ago

    Girk,you look amaaaaaaaazing.

  • i think ur super pretty i love ur eyes they are beautiful

    the way u do ur makeup is nice! :) and ur smile is beautiful also.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    lay off the eyeliner and youll be good to go

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