Should I get two piercings in one day?

I am going to get my cartilage pierced and my lobes done again so that I have a double piercing in my ear lobes. However, I don't know if it is a good idea to get both the piercings done in one day. I also don't know which one to get first, so that it is easier for the second piercing to be done without causing me too much pain and for the ease of the piercer. Any additional information about the piercings are also welcome.

Thank youuuuu :D

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    I think it's totally fine to get them both done in one day. Don't worry about the piercer, it's his/her job so they'll know what to do.

    It's good to get them done at the same time because they will heal together and healing time will be less, rather than waiting for one to heal and then getting another.

    It would be easier to get the seconds to be done before the cartilage in my opinion, but yet again the piercer will know what to do.

    I say go for it.

    Good luck!

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    I remember being 4 and having my lobes pierced and it was the easiest piercing I have ever had done. 18 years on and they are still pierced. Your cartilage would take a lot longer to heal, though. I personally would never get two piercings done in one day, but I heal very slowly. I have my top lip done and it took 3 months for the redness and swelling to disappear. Some people heal much faster than I do.

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    Getting those two piercings in one day is fine. You can sleep fine with newly pierced ears on both sides. The side you get your cartilage pierced on will be a bit sore for a week or two so try to lie on your other side or on your back so you're not putting pressure on your new piercing.

    Cartilage piercings generally heal in 3 months; ear piercings about 6-8 weeks. Ear lobe are painless, cartilage is just a sharp sting. About a 2/10 pain wise.


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    I would just get them over with and get it all done at once. That way you don't have to go back and do it again. And who knows,they may give you a discount for getting both done at the same time.

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    its still going to hurt like mad! But maybe the lobes then cartilage? x

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    No you shouldn't you do one the day you want to do it and when it heals you try another 1

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    get it done all at one time

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