How do I ask a girl out without really knowing much about her yet? Like if she has a boyfriend or is married?

Ok first of all let me say it has been way too long since I have been in a relationship of any kind. And I haven't had much luck since. But there is this girl who works for a place that my work does business with. She is only there once in a while because she has a full-time job besides. I think she is funny and cute and I would like to get to know her more but the only time I see her is the few times she is working and when I have to go into the place. When we talk she seems to be into the conversation and then I have to leave to get back to work. I want to ask for her phone number or something but don't know how to go about it being that I barely know her. How do I know if she is just being nice talking to me or she is possibly interested? When I call over there we talk too but would it be right to ask her over the phone? On that note, would it be weird to call her other job unannounced? I'm not sure if that would go over well. The last time I got a girls number we hit it off pretty good then when a guy I worked with saw us talking he jumped in the mix and she stopped talking to me like all of a sudden I wasn't good enough. The really messed up part about that situation was neither of them really liked each other. He just couldn't see someone "getting the girl" if he didn't. He was that kind of guy. And she was too shy too tell him no. Because later me and her became friends again and would talk and if she wouldn't have gotten pregnant they would not be together, is what she told me. So anyway, can someone help me with this please?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, i she's married, then she SHOULD be waring a ring, and if she has a boyfriend, just ask her, i mean, be honest, and once you found out about everything, then, go in 4 the kill, and ask her out!


    oh, and about not knowing much about her, you can find out about that on your first date, take her to a restaurant and get to know eachother more... ;-)

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