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Confused about my washing machine!!?

I am sure my washing machine did a boil today all though i didnt set it to do so!! First of all i put a wash on this morning and 1 of the plastic bits that are stook inside of the drum came off, so i put it on as best i could and did another load (that was fine) after that i put another load on and it must have done a boul as it has ruined my daughter's coat,dies the other halfs shirt pink and melted diamontes off my daughters top. I then did another load and the washer was very loud.....It now looks as though the drum has dropped slightly!! Only got the washer at christmas.

Does anybody know what this could be?

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    If this machine is only 9 months old, it shouldn't be breaking down. Go back to the shop where you bought it and tell them to sort it out. They may suggest that you have to contact the manufacture. Nonsense. They are responsible under the Sale of Goods Act. You can either demand your money back or that they replace it. Don't let them repair it because if you do and it goes wrong again, you will have accepted it. It can be even more difficult to get your money back.

    Please, I hope you didn't buy it from Comet/Currys. They are pigs when it comes to replacing faulty goods.

    If you have lost the receipt, don't worry. The shop will ask for proof of purchase and this can be a cheque stub, bank statement, credit card statement. Also, they are responsible for collecting it. I would ask for your money back so you can buy a more reliable washing machine like the John Lewis JLWM1203 for around £350 or you want a replacement. It all depends on your budget. If you email me with how much you want to spend, I will recommend some washers for you.

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    Contact the shop where you purchased your washer, be sure to

    have your proof of purchase handy. I hope the machine is still under

    warranty, if not try to contact the manufacturer directly and explain your concerns.

    You can also go on-line and research your particular model for ratings and

    reviews. Someone else may be having the same problem(s) you're having.

    Hope this helps.

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    It will still be under warranty contact the shop where you bought it and get them to send an engineer out

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