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Can anyone suggest Asperger's syndrome help forum?

Just wondering if there is any support forum or chat room you can go into for help or understanding, as my friend has an aspergers teenager that she needs advice & help with her behaviour....

thank you!

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    I am an aspee, wrongplanet is the best place, having said that I have never really needed to use the forum.

    Just be a good friend to your friend, and everything will be okay. There is no cure for asperger's syndrome, and it's not really a disability since many famous people who influenced the world we live in have Aspergers. I would suggest your friend watch Adam the movie.

    People with asperger's sydrome have the following symptoms:

    1. Odd posture

    2. Find social gatherings weird

    3. Find it difficult to talk in a group

    4. Very topic focussed

    5. Talk at people, and not to people

    6. Find it hard to make friends with people of their own age group

    But having said this, we seem to live in our own little world.

    Just tell your friend that it's not really a problem, more of a gift from god.

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    Hi there :) Im a female with aspergers and I found this site really helpful. Its called there is a forum and chat room.

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    Asperger's Syndrome Forum

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