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in england what is a reception room?

i am from america and i was looking at houses over there and it says stuff like " 5 bedrooms, 5 reception rooms, 6 bathrooms" whats a reception room?

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    A 'reception room' is defined as a room that is not a kitchen, bathroom/wc or a bedroom.

    In other words its a a lounge/living room, dining room, study, playroom, family room or garden room.

    If you need more information on UK houses this website is fairly detailed:

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    Reception Room Definition

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    It's a room where you'd normally expect to entertain visitors. These would include a drawing room (formal living room), dining room, family room (casual living room), solarium or sun porch, and perhaps a library and a music room.

    With today's "open plan" houses and informal customs for "having people over", it often happens that parties spill over into the kitchen, the basement recreation room, the outside terrace, and the yard or garden. But these wouldn't ordinarily be considered reception rooms.

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    A reception room is a room such as a sitting room, drawing room, dining room or study. In other words it is a room in which you might receive guests.

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    I'm english but i've never heard of that expression, usually it means a room you greet people in, in a Business but i don't think it means that in what you where reading, it probably just means empty rooms 2 do what you like with?

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