How can one get a permit to carry a gun in UK?

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    There is only one answer and that is quite simple, you cannot. I take it you mean a hand gun. There is no way that you can get a permit for a hand gun for the simple reason the Brits are not permitted to own them. You can of course apply for a Firearms certificate that will enable you to own a rifle, but the requirements are quite onerous. You have to have access to land and or belong to a recognized shooting club. The other alternative is to own a shot gun. The requirements for a shotgun certificate are quite easy and you stand a good chance of getting one. All of the above is dependent on you having a clean police record and that you do not take psychotropic medicines and that you do not have a drink problem. There is yet another way to own a hand gun and that is to collect obsolete Calibre weapons or even black powder hand guns, but you are not permitted to "carry" them in public places. Why would you want to in the UK anyway. I spend 6 months every year there and I have never felt in the slightest danger.


    An associate brought to my attention that some poor deluded soul has given me the thumbs down. The unfortunate chap is obviously deranged and knows nothing about UK firearms laws. The funny part about the whole episode is that all of my facts are verifiable by searching the web. But then, the poor chap probably has not been given the mental acuity to find the information.

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    Gun Permit Uk

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    I'd like to think that if you're job is in protecting others you may have the chance to own and carry a handgun in the street or at least your vehicle, if I'm wrong and a bodyguard isn't allowed one then I'm sorry but I really do believe some licences might be issued but not to any old tom dick or harry- there may be good reasons for it- such as death threats to the person you are protecting- but as an afterthought- maybe our own armed police would do a better job than a bodyguard?

    You could always build you're own embassy- in the eighties I strolled around London for the first time and couldn't believe my eyes when I came across an embassy and there were soldiers with large uzi type sub machine guns patrolling the perimetre. The best thing to do if you want to carry a gun is join our Police or MI5, send a letter to GCHQ and ask them for a james bond style job- they may ask you to learn arabic or russian but what the heck- you may get your wish and be permitted to carry a gun- carrying one will not stop bullets though.

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    I hold a firearms and a shotgun certificate, I am a house owner, not a land owner, I am not a member of any gun clubs or associations, I do have permissions to use my weaponry on various farms and estates for the purpose of vermin control and the control of marauding dear which are damaging crops etc. I believe, certainly in Scotland one can legally carry a gun/rifle (uncovered but unloaded) in a public place if you have reasonable cause i.e. walking from one area of authority to shoot to another, however its un-advisable as it only really becomes a problem when the public become concerned,,, effectively breaching the peace, obviously they are unaware that it's actually legal, that said, I wouldn't be looking to walk down the high street, I don't fancy your chances of getting away with it.

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    You apply for a shotgun/firearms certificate to your local police force. It is easier to get a shotgun certificate, because the shorter range means you can use a shotgun virtually anywhere with the landowner's permission.

    You can't routinely carry a firearm in public places in the UK. To have a firearm in a public place you need a very good reason and it must be kept in a case when not in use.

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    Dont bother with a permit it will just draw attention to yourself. If u need a gun for defence purposes and u can get hold of one get a pistol and keep it holstered in your belt, and covered.

    Then when u need it its right there and u can empty the mag at whoever u choose.

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    only way you can carry a hand gun or any gun in public is to join the police a become a firearms officer if not you face a high risk of being shoot by one !!!!!!!!!

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    I think I'm right in saying that unless your of an authority/offcial status the only way to get a gun legaly in the UK is to have it registered to your land, that you must own, there and there only can you carry it freely, and then it must only be used for (again, licensed) hunting and "protective purposes" .. and that's after paying an extortionate ammount for an actual license! =(

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    To get one legally to carry around on your person is incredibly difficult, thankfully.

    If the UK introduces loose gun laws like that in America I will finish my degree then leave this country.

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    Basically you can't. Although some people do get permits, and the crooks don't bother, England has oppressed the rights of free people to own firearms. Of course this was done for the common good, and not to subjugate the people.

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