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Why do hockey players dislike figure skaters? :( or Visa Versa?

*Not saying all do*

i have recently heard a hockey player mention his hate for figure skaters, then i came on here and noticed that its more then just a few people. and also, ive heard figure skaters hating on the hockey players. I hear that the hockey players dont like that:

- We Make Holes In The Ice

from our toe picks, and that this causes them to trip, and screw up their knees. Well, im skating on the same ice, and dont notice the holes to be a big problem, plus, thats what the zamboni is there for.

- We Wear Skanky Clothes

we wear skirts (that actually dont show our butts) and short shorts because it gives us a wider range of movement. but we actually normally wear that or pants (stretchy pants... of course).

- We Are Alone On The Ice

at competition, sure, a few days a year. At practice? nooo way. we have as many skaters on ice as a hockey game, all determined to do their routine with out stopping, so we do have to look out constantly. If i had nickle for every time i said " excuse me!" or "watch out"...

-We Have To Wear Make Up And Do Our Hair For Skating.

again, a competition thing. Its only a few times a year that we get to, and it helps add to the effect of our preformance. Its fun to do, but if you dont want to wear make up, you really dont have to. As for hair, if its long enough, we keep it up in a ponytail or bunto keep it out of our face. And at comp. for judges to be less distracted. just a convenience thing.

- We Take Up Valuable Ice Time

because its 'not a sport'. Its in a the Olympics, so i would say that it is a sport. it is deffinetly not a game though. Hockey is a sport and a game, Skating is a sport and a preformance. And I wish that we did take up the good ice time! alot of the time, we have the early morning, weekday practices. waking up at 4:30= not the greatest.

-We Are Snobby

depends, a person can be snobby no matter what sport they play, and the skaters i know (including myself) are not. but who knows, go to another club, and you might find a few, but its unrelivant.

one point i didnt understand- We Dont Wear Sweaty Clothes?

umm... well, i guess its just that hockey equipment is a lot more expensive, so you only have a set or two of it. skating clothes (any shirt, sweater, tight/pants, shorts/skirt) are exceptionally cheaper, so we have various outfits that we can wash to keep clean.

an other one i dont quite get- Its Not Called An Ice Skating Rink, Its A Hockey Rink.

ours is called a skating rink (anytype of skating), or a rink, or arena.


and the skaters (again, not all) say that:

female hockey players are manly

i know a figure skater who is also a hockey player, and cheerleader who is also a hockey player, and they arent manly! i also know more.. masculine.. looking figure skaters too. so it not really a true stereo type of hockey players.

they are rude

nope, not the ones i know :) aaccept one... lol. depends on person, not sport!

they are not as tough as skaters cause they have padding, we dont.

yes, we do fall with no padding, and yess it can be very painful, but there is a reason the padding is there for the hockey players- cause if not, they would constantly suffer horrible injuries such as broken bones, cuncussions, death, or paralises. plus, that padding looks like it gets really hot and sweaty!

they leave blood on the ice

well, this is true sometimes, and its kinda gross, put its not a big deal ;)



- do you think skating or hockey is harder?

- why do you think either hates eachother?


i dont hate either sport. i am a skater and i fully respect hockey. =) i personally think that either sport is only as hard as how much effort you put in to it. <3

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    - We Make Holes In The Ice

    we have an awesome invention called a zamboni here in the 21st century

    i don't notice any big difference when a skate over a teensy hole my toe pick made

    - We Wear Skanky Clothes

    um it has to be form-fitting! plus its not like we are wearing bikinis to the rink.

    - We Are Alone On The Ice

    at freestyle sessions usually there are about 5-20 other skaters out there.

    that has to be a joke...right?

    -We Have To Wear Make Up And Do Our Hair For Skating

    we are girls.

    chances are the girl sitting on the stands at public session did her hair and makeup this morning.

    - We Take Up Valuable Ice Time

    so do they.

    -We Are Snobby

    well there are many skaters at my rink that are defiantly not snobby

    one point i didn't understand- We Don't Wear Sweaty Clothes?

    well you made a comment on this one...and i beg to differ. tights-$15 dress- $40-and way up $$$

    skirt-$30 skate pants-$20--$80 both hockey Equipment and skate wear can be expensive depending on what you buy. well i get a little sweaty at practice sometimes...but i don't sweat like a hog either. dose that mean we don't work as hard as them? heck no. it depends how much you put into your sport.

    - Its Not Called An Ice Skating Rink, Its A Hockey Rink.

    well mine is an ice center! :) and they are moving around on the ICE on SKATES

    we are all ice skating here. even you, little kid at the public session.

    -female hockey players are manly???

    well i bet there are female hockey players who enjoy lip gloss and sparkly things too :)

    well you cant judge a book by its cover...

    -they are not as tough as skaters cause they have padding, we don't.

    we both can have painful moments on the ice.

    they are like...pushed into rink Walls and hit with pucks Right?

    i slipped on a toe loop the other day and my wrist got all swollen

    -they leave blood on the ice

    i have never seen this at my rink, and i hope i dont see It in the future

    - do you think skating or hockey is harder?

    skating can be hard sometimes. i have never been a hockey player so i dont know

    but i bet the hockey players who say their sport is harder, have never landed a salchow, or done a spiral with their legs above their heads. i have never played a real game of ice hockey with a bunch of big sweaty guys either.

    why do we *hate* each other?

    it differs with every person. sure i dont really love it when a hockey player slams into me during a scratch spin because he was not looking backwards when skating backwards :/

    i really dont know why we always "hate" each other

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    10 years ago

    Why I don't like hockey players? They tear up the ice, that's why. Even after the zamboni tries to resurface the ice there is still ruts, gouges and bumps. Most of the lower level hockey players at my rink do not watch where they are going and don't care who they hurt. (The high level ones are never around when I skate.) They will just cut right in front of you and will skate around backwards without seeing if anybody's behind them, and they act like they own the ice.

    In terms of muscular strength, figure skating is harder. It has been proven that top figure skaters have more core and leg strength than hockey players. In fact, figure skaters are some of the strongest athletes in the world. Any figure skater could learn to play hockey.

    A sport is defined as an athletic activity that is governed by rules and such. Therefore, figure skating is a sport. Hockey is a field sport, because there is teams that play against each other.

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  • 10 years ago

    i think both sports have different things that make them tough. yeah, some hockey players are really obnoctious, but some are really sweet. I dated a hockey player for a few months and he was really nice. sometimes female hockey players are a little manly, but what can you expect? they hang out with guys all day at practice! and the whole 'blood on the ice' thing, it's not too bad. my friends and i ignore it...just don't eat the ice:) also, some people at my rink wear butt padding, LOL!

    haha, well byeee! :D

    Source(s): im a figure skater
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  • CMP
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    10 years ago

    You pretty much answered yourself on why they hate each other. Those are the reasons. As for which one is harder, I think they are both hard in their own different ways. We just happen to play on the same surface. You don't hear of football and soccer players going at it. And as for the "We leave holes in the ice", hockey players leave deep gouges in the ice, especially by where the nets are. Try and do a spin there.

    Happy Skating!

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  • 4 years ago

    Girls who play ice hockey are not manly at all out side of the ring you need to be manly in side of the ring to survive and if I could were make up with out it gettin messed up in hockey practices and games I would but I cant .we leave blood in the ice yes if we get hurt

    With out padding people would die very easily.

    Hockey is harder and MOORE pain full and I almost Brooke my neck 3 times while playing so I did figure scathing for 1 year and I Brooke my knee but you don't die and reaso.

    we don't hate figure skaters they just don't need to mess up the ice.

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  • 10 years ago

    we dont hate eachother!

    it just depends on the people... most of the time the issue is that little skaters and there moms are snobs and b*tches....

    hell....I dont even get along with the skaters haha

    and I am one myself.

    I love hockey. andd the players ;) and I love Skating!

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  • 10 years ago

    i would honestly compare it to cats and dogs. we only know stereotypes and that's all they know either! we have no reason to do it besides that it has always been done. and when you honestly think about it, if they didn't treat you like a stereotype is there really any reason to hate them?? they usually aren't at the rink when you are and if you're wasting their valuable ice time?? well im sure they have homework too. its just an exscuse for them so they have something else to say. they think they're better than us, and we think we're better than them. cats and dogs. :)

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  • 3 years ago

    I'm more of a skirt and dress type of woman. I favor dresses that are about knee-length though

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  • 3 years ago

    When you have nice lower limbs to put them on maybe its cause there exposing its more sexy than pants so you get a little more attention looking at them

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  • 10 years ago

    It is a competative hype thing and means drech. Skating of any kind is a very athletic endeavor and you get out of it what you put in.

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