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Who do you think are the top 5 most powerful Star Wars characters?

Stick to real characters from the movies thought up by George Lucas. None of this expanded universe published fan-fiction stuff.

Here's my list:

1) Darth Sidious - He beats Yoda one on one, kills 3 Jedi masters in seconds, kills Mace Windu, wipes out the entire Jedi race and rules the galaxy for 2 decades. He is skilled with a lightsaber and has amazing talent with the force, shown by him using of force lightning, levitating multiple large objects simultaneously and his ability to foresee the future. He also manages to conceal himself from the Jedi for years when orchestrating his master plan. He lives next door and they never expect a thing.

2) Yoda - Incredibly wise and a master of the light side of the force. He holds his own against Sidious and forces Dooku to retreat. I put him under Sidious because we never really get to see anything that makes Yoda seem REALLY powerful. He fights Sidious and doesn't win and doesn't seem as strong in the force as it took him ages to throw one senate pod while Sidious threw multiple pods as great speed. I'd say Sidious and Yoda are almost equals, but I just think Sidious has a slight edge given he learned as much as Yoda in 1/15th of the time.

3) Anikan (Pre-suit) - He is the offspring of the force and the chosen one with the highest midichlorian count. He's down here because he never reached his potential due to the life-support suit (which George Lucas states only makes him 80% of what Sidious/Yoda are). Before the suit he is still very powerful and defeats Dooku and gives Obi-Wan a run for his money. I think he only loses to Obi-Wan because he gets arrogant.

4) Count Dooku - He wipes the floor with Obi-Wan....twice and wipes the floor with Anikan (the chosen one) once. He is a very skilled lightsaber duelist enabling him to fight multiple opponents at once and is powerful with the force, displaying amazing telekinetic abilities and skills with force lightning. He also holds his own against Yoda, which alone earns him a place on the list.

5) Mace Windu - Second only to Yoda in terms of the light side of the force. He's powerful with the force and a strong lightsaber duelist. He disarms Sidious in a fight (whether Sidious feigned defeat to turn Anikan to the dark side is ambiguous) and possesses impressive wisdom.

Honorable mention goes to Obi-Wan. The fact he got owned by Dooku twice robbed him of a place on the list, though. Darth Maul didn't make the list because the full extent of his power is never shown. Qui Gon Jinn doesn't make the list as he got killed by Maul, though he is very powerful given his knowledge of the force. General Grievous doesn't make the cut because he isn't a force user.

What does everyone else think?

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    Anikan was conceived by midi chlorians. He is the most powerful force user.

    Yoda is next because he's lived and trained longer than all of them put together.

    Sidious next because he's Vader's master and the dark side is badass.

    It's a tie between Windu and Dooku. If Windu saw/felt Anikan's attack coming it would have been the tie breaker.

    Luke is last only because of his age and lack of proper jedi training but makes the list because of his blood line.

    I agree with you about Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Maul and Grievous.

    Good question post! :)

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  • 10 years ago

    Yoda-Jedi master for the entire series, still powerful.

    Darth Sidious- Master Sith Lord

    Anakin- had huge potential but was misguided, he did fulfill the prophecy as Darth Vader

    Mace Windu

    Count Dooku

    Older Obi-Wan(He gets stronger and wiser with the force)

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