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Cannot access User accounts, anybody help?

OK, so when I try to access my user accounts an error code pops up.

This is the link of the error code which i posted on Photobucket: http://i1012.photobucket.com/albums/af242/nooooooo...


It doesn't? oh anyway it basically says:

||| Internet external script error ||| [ - ] [ _ ] [ X ]

/!\ An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 25

Char: 1

Error: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus.

Code: 0

URL: res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\nusrmgr.cpl/mainpage2.htm

Do you want to continue running the scripts on this page?

[ YES ] [ NO ]

Update 2:

Let me type that URL of the error again:


Update 3:

Ok sorry screwed u again! so here it is:




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    Your link doesn't work!

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