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Differences between Australia & New Zealand.?

What are some. key points of cultural differences to Australia (compared to new zealand.. if that makes sense) lol

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    There is a big difference. Both are multi cultural but New Zealand is known for the Maori people and one learns about their culture in schools and some people speak the maori language. The maori people have always lived the same as everyone else .

    In Australia there are the Aboriginal people and many different aboriginal langauges so in Australia they do not learn the Aboriginal language as there are about 200. The Aboriginal people are known to be Hunters and gatherers and many of them live in Communities and many of these are in isolated places in the out back. A lot of names of towns in both countries have names like in Maori for NZ or Aboriginal in Australia.

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    1/ About 10,000,000 sheep,

    2/ Kiwi's pronounce an I as an E and vice versa,

    3/ New Zealand is very green,

    4/ Kiwi's want to migrate here,

    5/ Sheep feel safe in Australia (lol),

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    Lol well, it's an interesting question.

    (1) Australia Is has really hot weather compared to newzealand.

    (2) Australia is alot bigger than Newzealand.

    (3) People are genually nicer in Newzealand.

    (4) Its harder to get a job in Newzealand.

    (5) The exchange rate is higher in Australia.

    Thats all of got :P Thanks.

    Source(s): Knowledge. Parents are from newzealand, im from australia.=
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    Well there completly different. The main diff is that New Zealanders have annoying accents and they have lots of sheep.

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    Well mate its like this...us Aussies talk normal while the Kiwis have this weird accent.

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    Australia's flag has whit stars.

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