Spyware Trackware.Tracking Cookies!rem keeps popping up on my machine, should i be concerned?

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it appears that every time i visit yahoo news my spyware doctor detects spyware called Trackware.Tracking Cookies!rem and after googling it it apears to track my browser history and ...show more
Update : i have mcafee full anti virus/firewall suite which found nothing on the ...show more
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As hinted at in above replies, these are often "3rd party" rubbish, and parasitize info about your movements across the 'Net...not overly worrisome, but it implies your settings could be bolstered to improve your loading and browse sessions.
FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy> top drop menu set to "Firefox will use custom settings..."> Check 'Accept Cookies from sites'
►& Un-Check 'Accept 3rd Party cookies'

INTERNET EXPLORER does not handle 3rd party cookies very well and won't give nearly the control as FF described above.
Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced:
here check 'Override automatic....'; 'Allow session cookies'; 'Allow 1st party cookies' & 'Block 3rd Party Cookies'.

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many thanks for your advice, worked a treat to get rid of those nasty tracking cookies, thanks again:)
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  • danilo t answered 4 years ago
    spyware doctor is good at detecting these tracking cookies but requires your version to be paid for you to remove it, if you have the paid version, good for you, Spyware doctor is good enough. a little heavy on the resources though. However if you have the free version only, youy can use SUPERANTISPYWARE to remove these cookies. Its free, However, these will keep on coming back everytime you visit these certain sites. One way of controlling this tracking cookie is to install SPYWARTE Blaster- its free check it at cnet. I used to have about 10-15 adware tracking cookie but with spyware blaster, maximum i get is about 2 every time I check with SAS, give it a shot, you'll like it , also non intrusive
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  • sporkatron answered 4 years ago
    Cookies are nothing to be concerned about, they are small harmless files saved on your computer by websites so that they can save data about you for the next time you visit their site: so they can retain user preferences. They also use them to store session data, like if you are adding items to a shopping cart on a website that sells stuff. Cookies are harmless and useful; your virus program is just overreactive. You may be able to change the preferences so it won't bug you about cookies.
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  • Y@h00! answered 4 years ago
    Tracking cookies are not exactly a threat and it is really optional to remove. By the way, not to say spyware doctor is bad but there are better free alternatives such as SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Both of them have a free version and they scan and remove malware for free. Be sure to scan your computer soon as you installed them.

    *I suggest you download one of the following free AV: MSE, AVG, Avira or Avast. MSE is from Microsoft, AKA Microsoft Security Essentials and it is the one I recommend.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Hey mate,

    Im sorry to tell you but you seem to have a virus. Malicious file in your computer is sending your data to a 3rd party org. Which means they are keylogging you.

    I suggest you turn your computer into safe mode. Run a full virus scan with whatever AV you have. I suggest MalwareBytes.

    Than run it again in normal mode. If it is still there. Reformat it, Or take it to a computer specialist



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