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Abyssinian cat as an apartment cat?

I'm thinking about getting a female abyssinian kitten. The problem is, I read that these cats are very active and that they need to go out sometimes. I live in a apartment and I want to have an indoor cat since I'm not that kind of person who will happily let the cat outside (one of my cats got run over by a car when I lived with parents so that's why outdoor cats are big no for me). I'm also going to school, I'm away for 8 hours, is it possible for a abyssinian cat to entertain itself with all the toys? I can't buy two cats because of my economy. If abyssinians are not too good as apartment cats, what cat breed would you suggest me? I am also concidering a Russian Blue since I had one. I'm also thinking about Ocicats


When I lived in flat with my parents when I was young we had 3 cats which were perfectly fine to stay indoor, so as you said it depends on the breed and on cat's personality. It seems also that our cats were actually afraid of going outside because of the road outside of the window, wild cats and a lot of human passing by. The cat which we bought after we moved into the house was really crazy about going out so we let her out but as said the end wasn't that nice. The other thing is we had pretty calm cat breed, russian blue, cornish rex and siames. The one which died was half abyssinian half streetcat. I decided anyway not to get abyssinian because of their big love for outdoor because I know that cat wouldn't stay in one place, the same goes with bengals, so I'm deciding to go with cornish rex or russian blue in the future

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    I would recommend a stockier less active breed,like a Persian or an older cat from a shelter.

    Check out the breed profiles at or

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I live in an apt with 2 cats.
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    I think it is cruel to keep a cat indoor's to goes against everything that is a cat. Independent and a hunter!!

    It is only your personal hang up and you are prepared to take it out on the cat. The cat wont understand why it is kept inside and in some cases cats have been known to tear the house up if left inside 24/7. My friend who had 2 cats in a flat in which both flipped and tore his house to bits!! Every cat has different you wont know what kind of cat you will get personality wise!!

    I would suggest not getting a known active cat, they wont be playing with toys 24/7 put it that way!!

    Even tho your intentions are good, the cat wont understand and you cant stop the cats natural behavior and feelings. Cats are domesticated but they are one of the few pets that still get to do what they want. Maybe you should get an older cat that is already known to like being trapped indoors 24/7!!

    My cat that I adopted with the flat survived living beside a live and fast railway, fast and busy motorway and a b road that is again just as busy as the motorway. Even tho I was worried for his welfare I would never stop him being a cat, would not dream of it!!

    I would re think your options not getting one at all, letting them out or getting an older one. It is a pick and mix if you get a calm enough cat to cope with life indoors!!

    Source(s): Suppressing the animal to suit human hang ups is wrong!!
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  • I am sure a shelter cat will do just fine for you :) What does a piece of (pedigree) paper have to do with how good your cat is?

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