Would Vince McMahon have gotten the WWF as big as he did if he didn't have all the money?

Would he have succeeded in the wrestling business further down the road?

He used the money he had to buy all the big name wrestlers from around the country to help make the WWF big in the mid 80's. How would things have worked out if he didn't have the money?


This question has nothing to do with TNA or Dixie Carter.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Damn, I hate it when you ask a question in which I have to say something positive about Vince...

    Assuming Vince wanted to be in the wrestling business, and didn't just grow up in it with the McMahon name already well-respected, yeah, Vince Jr would have gotten to the top anyway, even if he had to start from square one.

    Vince is not a "genius" in any form or meaning of that word. What he is, is smart and driven to the point of obsession. He figured out ways to make money that his father and other promoters either didn't think of, or didn't follow through with. Vince didn't invent merchandising, that had been around for decades before he came along. But Vince exploited it to it's fullest degree, putting the WWF/E logo on EVERYTHING along with various wrestler's names and likenesses, and sold them, creating a steady income-stream that does not stop. Vince has a knack for marketing, he IS good at that, able to market just about anybody as the greatest thing in the world, getting large amounts of people interested enough to pay to see him. So, basically, Vince didn't NEED his family's money, he would have made his own. The family fortune just helped him get to the top faster.

    Vince's work days are legendary. The man never seems to stop working. He has the drive that all business tycoons and self-made millionaires have, from Bill Gates to Donald Trump. Vince is just like them. His single-minded goal to become the largest and most powerful promoter in the business became his life's goal, his obsession, and he did EVERYTHING he had to, dirty or not, to accomplish that. Even after wiping out all of his competition and achieving his goal of ruling the wrestling world (in North America, anyway) he still doesn't stop. His drive won't let him.

    Family fortune or not, Vince would have eventually reached the level he's at now. His intelligence and drive got him there. The family fortune just helped get him there a little quicker.

  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Hannah he's both. He's a genius because you need to admit that most of us knew this great sport because of him. Almost all of the users here knew wrestling via the WWF. And he had produced great wrestlers like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and he made wrestling markatable and suitable to the mainstream crowd. He made wrestling what it is and broke the wall of kayfabe(I asked a question about this) and if it wasn't for him and Hulk Hogan we wouldn't had been fan of this sport(you need to admit that) And he also helped charities and made some of the historic matches and protected his wrestlers from getting stabbed from breaking the wall of kayfabe and he spent money to make more money for us to be entertained he even bled for us if that means we would be entertained. But in the other hand he's a completely driven-idiot. He want to make money so bad he would make great wrestlers and make them more markatable even if they need to be changed into a supernatural character(it did work good for Kane and The Undertaker) and when he started WWF he saw the vision of future of professional wrestling. He embraced it with full force but we all know nothing last forever even the interest if fans so he needed something to spice things up and during the way made some controversy from steroids to violence. WWE and the whole wrestling world had been victims because of that(I also asked a question about it) and Vince didn't handle it too well with the Wellness Policy and because of the internet the fans would know the wrestlers taking steroids. He had made wrestling popular but every success has its price and the price is too high for Vince. And as of today we know that "wrestling" is now called "entertainment" in Vince's mind which makes him more of an idiot than a genius but we know that wrestling wouldn't be as popular and without him the other wrestling promotions wouldn't have the guts or strangely the fans to take a dive and risk it all. All the great wrestlers being made into a joke makes Vince an idiot but with the mega-exposure and of course the money we get to see them every week and they would be more healthier. I would say BOTH.

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    I'm going to say Money helped him out a lot, it is a strategy that works, buying all the big names to get a Wrestling Promotion noticed, putting some money into the Production of the Company as well! WCW used the same kind of Strategy in the 90s and it worked for them too, to some extent, but I think with Vince McMahon, he really had control over his promotion, and really knew what his fans wanted, knew how to market it, and knew how to adapt! He also kept a close eye on competitors, to see what worked and what didn't work!

    So, I don't think he would of got the WWF as big as he did if he didn't have Money, because it really does take Money to make Money, and I think it takes a lot of Money to make a big, successful Wrestling Promotion, I do think he would of been successful in the Wrestling business, and I do think he would still be in charge of WWF even if he didn't have the Money that help make it big in the 80s, the WWF just wouldn't be as well known as it is today!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He still would of been big, maybe not as big as he became because the money sure as hell helped, but I think he'd of gotten somewhere. Vince is a very smart guy, at least he was in the 80s and 90s. He is/was a marketing genius. He had the ability to look at someone's physical appearance and make a character out of them that probably no other promoter could, and that character generally suiting whatever the persons appearance was and played to their strengths. This was of course during the gimmick era too, where Vince himself along with Patt Patterson did the hirings in his office. Today if you get hired by WWE, alot of the time you don't even meet with Vince but several others, and may not even meet him right away. I also think Vince had visions no one else did. He turned mainstream wrestling into Hollywood, but it obviously worked despite many hating it because look how many fans his product gained. I hate the fact he killed the territory system but one could easily argue that business boomed AFTER he shut the system down. Many wrestling fans started out with the WWF. I would say he'd still of been big, but not as big if he didn't have the money. Paul Heyman is proof you don't need to be a billionaire to be successful, just don't expect MSG sellouts and Pontiac Silverdome PPV's without the money needed for it. It was a combination of money and Vince's smarts that got him where he is today, or was at one point depending on your POV

    Edit: I agree with edgecucator. Whether you like Vince or not, he's unique in that he's a promoter that can play a wrestling character and has an aura about him no other promoter had or has. Not kissing any @ss here, but it's true. Many wrestlers say he's intimidating to meet and is larger than life on and off screen

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  • Vincent Kennedy McMahon bought his father's Wrestling Promotion, which was one of the most successful Professional Wrestling Promotions in the United States and used those profits to sign top wrestlers from other wrestling promotions. He also expanded through syndication into every market in the United States. If fans had not tuned in to watch WWF Shows and had not gone to WWF Live Events, then the WWF would have gone bankrupt. When Vince decided to put together Wrestlemania I he took every bit of money that he and Linda had and borrowed millions of dollars. If fans had not gone to Madison Square Garden for this event and if fans had not gone to Close Circuit Locations, then the WWF would have gone bankrupt in 1985. Vince McMahon took some big gamles that paid off. To answer your question, if Vince McMahon had had less money than he had, it would have taken him longer to get where he got, but I think he would have still achieved his goal and wiped out all the other Professional Wrestling Promotions and became the Largest Professional Wrestlng Promotion in North America,

  • 10 years ago

    Vince McMahon was poor and lived in trailer park when he took over WWF. I think you're thinking of Ted Turner. Vince McMahon wasn't rich when he got into the business.

  • Cris
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    10 years ago

    Yes it would. Vince McMahon knows business and he knows how to make money. If he didn't have the money he would make it. It would have probably been not as big as it was but it still would have been big. I believe he would of succeeded in wrestling.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes because his father owned the WWF and he Owens Titan tron sports and he would have gone out of buissness and his father would have died and then he would give his money and the name of WWF but he only had about 40,000 which was a lot back then so Vince would have got out of buisness in 2007 so no

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The WWE probably wouldn't be here today.

    The WWF in the mid 80's would be a ok show. But, probably in the 90's, the WWF would be shut down.

  • 10 years ago

    He's the smartest mind in the business he knows how to make money.

    He even put himself on TV and his character became so popular. Can Dixie Carter do that? I don't think so. Vince a genius.

    Edit: yeah, but i'm saying Dixie Carter or any owner of any wrestling company won't have the aura of of Vince on and off the screen.

    WWE was destined to succeed when you have such wise chairman! TDs please

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