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How can I get into my BMW if the battery is dead, and the driver's side door isn't opening from the outside?

I have a 2001 BMW X5.

Before the battery was dead, I was having problems with opening the driver's door from the outside. I would unlock it normally (by remote or manually), but pulling the outside handle didn't open the door. So I used to have to reach in through the window, or through another door.

But now the battery's dead, so all those options don't seem to be possible. (The windows don't go down, and no other lock pops up when there's no battery power).

If I can get inside the car, I'll be fine (I can get to the battery, etc).

So the question is, other than breaking a window, how can I get into the car?

My ideas -

1. get some way to put enough juice into the car to allow the key to open doors. But how?

2. some way around the door mechanism. But how?

Thanks in advance


MSC - Please think before answering. How can you manually open any other door? Only driver's lock pops up when there's no power. Silly

Update 2:

eeyore - yeah, I got one of those tools to reach the inside handle, but your thought was right - it didn't open the door. We even pulled up the passenger side door lock (with a hooked piece of wire), and the door still didn't open. It's like it's a security measure or something.

Couldn't reach the hood release, but I'll keep trying. Any other ideas?

8020 - no, can't go through the trunk because the battery is dead and trunk is locked. To manually open the trunk, you have to go through the inside of the car. :-(

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    You will need to get the hood open. You may be able use a bent coat hanger to go through the crack between the door window frame and the body. Use something hard and plastic to pry the frame out. Then sandwich two peaces of cardboard together and jam it in the gap and into the car. This will protect the paint and seals. Make a loop with the end of the hanger and see if you can hook the hood release. You will need to hook the loop behind the hood release handle. It wont be easy. You will need to pull up more than back. You may also try to pull the inside door handle but i don't think that will work. If you get the hood open there's a jump start point on the passenger side by the firewall. I have seen reports of people removing a license plate light and applying power to that will give enough power to open the doors but i would worry about damage the to lamp control module.

    Good luck.

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  • 10 years ago

    Get the manual (which you probably have in you car) so go to http://www.bmwusa.com/Standard/Content/Owner/dgh.a... and download the correct one. In the manual is an explanation how to open the car.

    I hope this helps.

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  • 10 years ago

    Can you not get in through the trunk/back hatch door?

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    DRDRRRR go to the other side and open that door manually.

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