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I recently brought a new bike- a dual suspension silver fox orb with disk breaks and All is good and i love the bike except one problem..its just started squeaking and creaking like mad!!! i think its coming from the rear suspension but not sure and despite a lot of ppl having the same probs and asking here i'm not finding anything useful.(oil/don't oil, one says one thing then another says different) I had it serviced the other day and the only probs then they sorted was rubbing breaks. The squeak problem started mildly on my first ride and now its getting worse.

When i stand on the bike and bounce- is when it makes the noises, and i've repeatedly oiled it with WD40, even bouncing/oiling at the same time makes no effect. my last bike was the same on and off but not this bad. pllleeeeaaase help someone


I understand that you have to pay more for better quality but for some like me and others money is an issue so i dont need telling to buy a more expensive bike otherwise i'd ask for suggestions on which bike to buy. i brought a cheap bike just to commute to and from work i'm not a keen cyclist nor have knowledge of repairs ect.. all i want to know is it fixable at all? thanks for saying DW40 is a big no no i'll bear that in mind!!

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    Stop using WD-40 for a lubricant. WD-40 stands for Water Displacement formula 40. It is a good general purpose solvent and rust preventative but *not* a lubricant. If you need to use a spray lubricant use some sort of spray oil such as Tri-flow. I much prefer a quality oil in a fine tip applicator bottle as they are a bit more viscous and lubricate better.

    1st I'd check the shock mounting bolts. These are pivot points for the shock. Often they are not lubricated or are cheap plastic on these low end bikes. Try removing them and using a light coat of grease.

    2nd, if it is built like some of the ones I've seen, the shock is mounted to silver colored plates which then are attached to the frame of the bike with rivets. The problem here is that those plates should be welded to the frame, not merely riveted or screwed. Check to make sure that the rivets are secure. If they are loose return the bike saying they sold you an unsafe bike and show them the loose rivets.

    Last, sorry, but if the shock itself is noisy, it's just noisy. Don't bother trying to replace the shock as you'll get price shock (no pun intended) even if you could find one.

    You would be wiser to buy a bike with balloon tires rather than shocks. You can get as much shock absorption out of the tires on bikes in this price category. And non suspension frames are much sturdier at this price range. Best of luck.

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    You don't want to use WD-40 on your bike it will remove any lubrication that is already there. You have a cheap full suspension bike there is not much you can do. You can try a few drops of oil around all the pivot points and keep the WD-40 away from your bike. The only good use on a bike is to spray it on a rag and wipe the chain off. The chain will need oiling after you do that.

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    Your not going to like this answer... Sounds like a cheap discount store bike. It's the nature of the beast. Get used to the noise. I found one web site that states the retail price is £199.99 - now on sale for £99.99. Even at full price of £199.99, that converts to $303.93 American bucks.

    A good dual suspension bike starts at about $1,600. Next time, buy a bike from a real bike shop. You could have bought at least a semi-decent hardtail mountain bike & wouldn't have this problem. don't have "breaks"...they have "brakes". A break is when something is broken - as in "A glass breaks when you drop it." Brakes are a mechanical device used to slow or stop a vehicle.

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    Ignore the comment that a descent soft tail starts at 1,600. I would return it and get yourself a solid kona ht fire mountain or caldera new, or a full suspension kona used. I ride downhill, and after using the brakes alot, you'll find you have to clean them with rubbing alchohol and steel wool.

    I got my Kona stab supreme for 3000 used... buy used, its worth it.

    Source(s): Own alot of ht and full sus. bikes including a stab supreme.
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