Jehovah's Witnesses: Why did Jesus choose your organization in 1919 when it's teachings were incorrect?

In 1919 the Watchtower teachings were very different from what it is today.

For example, "the Truth" WAS...

- to worship Jesus, (1918 The Finished Mystery page 290)

- that Jesus became king in 1878 (not 1914) (1918 The Finished Mystery page 66)

- books dictated by fallen angels to humans (1924 Angels and Women)

- the Cross instead of a torture stake (1918 The Finished Mystery page 418)

- that Jesus returned invisibly in 1874 (1918 The Finished Mystery page 60)

- that the 1000 year reign of Christ started in 1874 (1918 The Finished Mystery page 386)

- that the “other sheep” were to be in Heaven and number approximately 411,840,000 (1918's The Finished Mystery page 102-103)

- that World War 1 is Armageddon (1917 Pastor Russell’s Sermons, page 676)

The Watchtower, of course, no longer teaches these things as "the truth," so why did Jesus chose an organization that was so full of darkness and paganism?


@Tomsdottir: Thanks for the grammar lesson. You are correct. My bad.

Update 2:

@Liz:"They WERE wrong and when they saw they were they threw it off... And cleaned themselves up. Seems like Christ saw that in them early on. No wonder he used them."

So you're saying that Jesus picked them even tho He knew they were wrong and would be teaching false truth for 100 years or more in the future? That doesn't sound like something Jesus would do.

Is there any Scriptural backing to prove Jesus actually chose the Watchtower org in 1919?

Update 3:

@Mindy:It is TRUE that the Witnesses have made mistakes in their understanding of what would occur at the end of certain time periods, but they ABSOLUTELY HAVE NOT made the mistake of LOSING FAITH or CEASING to be watchful as to fulfillment of Almighty Jehovah’s purposes. They have CONTINUED to keep to the fore in their thinking the counsel given by Jesus at Matthew 24:42:..."

Yes, but your "faith" in this case, Mindy, is to be invested in the immutable work of Jesus Christ, and NOT in an earthly man-made organization.

I am not questioning the Bible, nor the disciples, or even Christ, I'm questioning a self-proclaimed chosen-by-God group concept. The Jews can make this claim, I suppose, because they wrote the Hebrew Scriptures. The Watchtower didn't write the Bible.

Is it possible you are "captivated by a cencept"? The cencept being that the earthly organization known at the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society can not possibly be wrong?

The Bible hasn't been proved wrong.

Update 4:

@SmilinJW:"This is why Jehovah's Witnesses gain and apostates fail because we win over the hearts of people rather than simple argument point scoring. Anyone can argue about anything but winning over peoples heart to truths is where we excel and grown from."

Satan also works very hard to win hearts.

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    Ask yourself this: Would you give a baby a 12 oz. steak? Or would you give it baby food?

    Same with Jehovah's organization. When it started off, it was like a baby. It didn't know everything. In fact they were wrong about alot of things. However, through time they researched and dug deeper into the Bible, and changed their beliefs. It's a progressional education. Constantly evolving and changing.

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    You are desperately only arguing out with your own like minded. Nothing has changed and you have taught nothing and won the hearts of nobody.

    This is why Jehovah's Witnesses gain and apostates fail because we win over the hearts of people rather than simple argument point scoring. Anyone can argue about anything but winning over peoples heart to truths is where we excel and grown from.

  • Liz
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    10 years ago

    Can you tell the difference between a child that tries and that that doesn't?

    Can you tell a child that this will happen and do this and they with honest heart tries?

    Have you ever worked with people that weren't the "smartest" but at least

    were meek enough to tell all they knew and work with you and learn?

    Some people mistake this attitude for "simple" or "cultish" "led"

    But if they were led only by Christ, would that be different?

    What about Peter he made lots of mistakes,

    how about Abraham and his ways he almost got himself

    killed not telling the whole truth about Sarah his wife,

    Jonah? he made mistakes, finally forced to go tell Nineveh an

    especially violent nation they were going to be thrown down,

    they changed which caused Jonah to look like a liar,

    then he got mad at God and basically said "SEE I TOLD YOU YOU ARE

    merciful and wouldn't kill them", He got mad... lol

    what about Moses? he messed up, didn't get to see the promised land at

    that time, what about his brother Aaron, he made the golden calf??,

    Solomon? David?

    Jesus was the only perfect man that walked this Earth.

    Jonah taught that Nineveh was to be overthrown and then was made a liar,

    then told God, I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T DO IT!!

    Why would God use these men? Why would you? Would you?

    Would you belittle your son or daughter for not being perfect, but at least for trying or

    at least telling out all they knew best they could?

    Could it be because at least they try? Could it be because they are humble and in their earnestness

    for truth and humility and love they are pliable in his hands?

    Could it be because he loves them?

    Yes I believe it could be.

    Because I have met several of them personally and I can see why he uses them. They

    are like not too many I have ever met in my life. They REALLY study, they REALLY pray,

    they REALLY try, they truly walk the walk. I can easily see why Jesus would call them "brothers"...

    Because Jesus was a man that HAD brothers, other children from Mary... And he knew NONE of them were perfect too, in fact only a couple-few came to realize that he truly was the Messiah.

    Thanks for asking.

    I do love how you point out their humility in changing the information and "maturing" and "humbling" themselves enough to point this out so we have the most accurate picture available and can see

    prophecy as it is played out in the light.

    It would be a mistake to say something then REFUSE to change after you see the fulfilled prophecy in the light.

    And in conclusion I believe you answered your own question, this is beautiful.. He took something with a heart and form and made them see and they humbled themselves with light.

    "The Watchtower, of course, no longer teaches these things as "the truth," so why did Jesus chose an organization that was so full of darkness and paganism?


    They WERE wrong and when they saw they were they threw it off... And cleaned themselves up. Seems like Christ saw that in them early on. No wonder he used them.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Why has religion continued to say that Jesus is God, when Jesus said it for himself, that he is not.

    You all have tried to use one scripture throughout the whole bible to say that Jesus is God and that is John 1:1.

    When there are many account where Jesus clearly states that he is not God.

    You all have a teaching that Jesus is God and you can't man up to say that you are wrong but yet you continue to stick with that belief even after JESUS SAID THAT HE IS NOT GOD.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have made mistakes and brought them out to say that they were wrong, when will your religion come out and say that they are wrong about Jesus being God!?

    Which in fact is the biggest mistake made among religion!

    Jehovah is THE God!

    @Mindy: sorry, I just think that you are a strong and knowledgeable sister, and like you said, it is all along with the scriptures. With brotherly love; Mark.

    Source(s): New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, King James Bible
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  • 10 years ago

    A view of current events it is easy to look into the past and say "oh you made a mistake." But in time, with more information available, you correct your mistakes and go on. But there are always those who will not let you forget that mistakes were made in the first place...I guess your case, all who constantly remind you of your faults, you think of them as your "best friends?"

    I have every copy of the Watchtower and Awake magazines for 1975 so if anyone would care to "prove that Jehovah's Witnesses said that armageddon was coming in 1975, please send me the page number and paragraph and I'll post it here on Yahoo."

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    At the time that Jesus supposedly chose the JWs as the true church, there were several other religions that had much more of the “the current truth” now espoused by the Watchtower. Those religions include:

    Assemblies of Yahweh

    Assemblies of the Called out Ones of Ya

    House of Yahweh

    Assembly of YHWH Yeshua


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Jesus did not choose Jehovah witnesses. They have been changing scripture according to whim. They are false teachers - liars - deceived people. Any Christian who knows The Bible will tell you this. Jesus is The Way, The Truth , and The Life. No "a" god or "a" creator. He isn't just another prophet, which is what they teach. There is no hell. All these things are in contradiction of The Bible (that is why they don't encourage reading of Bible, but reading of Watchtower).

    If you want to understand and get to know God, go to the store and get a King James Version or NIV or ASV of The BIble. Then read it. If you can't go through all of it, just read The New Testament part of it.

    Source(s): apologetics on Jehovah Witnesses
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    finally someone knows that JW is full of it ...did you research their founder as well? they changed the thing about christs return so many times, like in the year 1912 and in 1914 and and i have a link that people s hould about the whole christ dying on the cross thing...jw teach it was a stake and not a cross but i have a link that explains that it really was a cross and not a stake as JW claim...Jesus didnt choose this at all..their founder was the one who didnt believe in the bible and that is why they have their own bible and i think in it they will teach you gotta get baptized 28 times...i read somewhere, one of their former members witnessed this being told to them by JW. the former member said they told her she had to be baptized 28 times and that they filled her head with tons of other beliefs and doctrines and it was confusing her and she was going crazy after that...why would they do this to someone you ask...they try to only bash christians with their teachings and beliefs...sure as christians we know that the bible from greek and hebrew to english is hard and we know how the bible gets revised over and over down the road, so long as we can believe in the Lord and live our lives for Him

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    Not a JW nor a former JW.

    Jehovah's Witnesses did Jesus choose your organization in 1919?

    This is one of the most ludicrous teachings in all religions. Rutherford and company were in jail for sedition against the US government in 1918 and early 1919.

    Did Rutherford have a jailhouse revelation of some sort?

    It is a fact that Rutherford consolidated his control of the Watch Tower in 1919 and over the next ten years 2/3rds of the Bible Students left.

    Rutherford's seditious writing was repeated again when writing Hitler and supporting the principles of the NAZI government.



    no biblical backing.


    the date the Watch tower claims it takes over as "faithful and discreet slave".


    No biblical backing.


    June 28 – The Treaty of Versailles is signed, ending World War I.

    Of course this ends What pastor Russell calls Armageddon (Pastor Russell’s Sermons - 1917).


    the 1000 year reign had already started in 1874 meaning Armageddon ended 45 years after the beginning of the 1000 year reign.


    no biblical backing.


    What a mess.

    The followers of the Watch Tower believed the false teachings of the Watch Tower back then just as ardently as the followers believe the false teachings of the Watch Tower today.


    excused the false dates just as they do today.

  • 10 years ago

    aww, you left them room to squirm, and so squirm they do.

    the stated reason is that they were the only ones preaching truth of meat in due season.

    but you left it out, so they come with their "condition of the heart" fallback. this changes it from a quantifiable true / untrue proposition, to an unmeasurable touchy feely ego trip.

    we can totally prove that this meat had no season, it was never proper.

    but at least you got some replies.

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