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why is wiki answers so much better?

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    Wiki answers will allow you to post questions freely, but there is no guarantee that you will get a response in a short time. Wiki answers is heavily moderated by supervisors. Wiki answers and Y!Answers are about the same. Although because I am a supervisor and have multiple badges on wiki answers, I spend more time on the other site. If you need a question answered immediately or soon, you should ask it on both Yahoo answers and wiki answers to allow the maximum amount of information.

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    I do not agree with your rhetorical question. It is not better. There is no comparison. Yahoo! Answers is much better in every way. More users, better functionality, more knowledge. The wiki answers I've seen in my field are superficial digests of what's out there on the net. Unlike Yahoo! Answers, where real people share their personal knowledge and perspectives. Like I said, there's no comparison.

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