Do potential employers call previous employers' HR for job reference check? URGENT?

When you go to job interviews, would your potential employers call your previous employers' HR dept to do a verification on your employment history? I am going to be interviewing with a big company, and I'm sure they will do a reference check. I am required to give 3 referees from my previous employers, and besides those 3 referees, would they still call my previous companies' HR department?

On the application, it says "I hereby give consent to xxxx to contact the above referees and my previous employers for collection/verification of my employment-related info..."

So does that mean they will find out my company's contact info and then call their HR? Or they are only allowed to call the referees that I provide?

Note - I'm currently not in the US, so I'm not sure how this is going to be processed.

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    1 decade ago
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    Any "good" employer will check your references that you have provided on the application. However, keep in mind, that most companies have policies now that the supervisors or managers can not release any reference information. Therefore, if you have given your last supervisor's name, let's say you worked for a big company like AT&T, the supervisor will tell the person calling to contact HR for any reference/verification of employment. If they don't have the contact information for the company and/or the HR department, a quick Google search can easily provide them with that. Even then, that person will most likely only obtain your dates of employment and possibly your salary history. Most HR departments will not release any information regarding performance or disciplinary actions. So, I'd say yes to your question but since I'm not sure if you are applying for a US based company, I can't say for sure. And based on the statement on the application that you signed, the ARE allowed to contact any of your previous employers by any means available.

    Source(s): 10+ years of Corporate Recruiting, to include (but not limited to) hundreds and hundreds of references checks!
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    4 years ago

    I hereby provide consent to xxxx to touch the above referees AND my previous employers for sequence/verification of my employment-appropriate information The assertion above ability that they have your permission to touch the two your reference touch AND everyone else in that employer that they decide directly to. that doesn't recommend they easily will, yet they are in a position to, and because it basically takes a couple of minutes and a telephone call, no reason at worried approximately them to not gain this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    they will not call the HR..but yes indeed they may call someone other than the three names u have given..only if ur prospective employes's HR personally knows someone in ur previous organisation..else not..i don't think so..

    Source(s): my brain..
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