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Magic the gathering regeneration question?

okay i have a creature that says "regenerate target green creature" i thought about this and does that mean i can regenerate an opponents green creature? if so then would it be under my control or theirs?

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    hmm regeneration able to gain control of target creature? if that is the case i will play Painter's Servant.and make everything into green and regen all you creatures like there is not tomoorow.

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    All that happens when you regenerate a creature is that if they were to be brought down to zero they then go back to their orginal toughnes. By regenerating an opponents creature you are keeping it alive but you do NOT gain control of it in anyway. You also cannot regenerate it with such an ability if its in the graveyard

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    What?! Says " regenerate target green creature "?! Jeesh! Who says " regenerate target green creature " nowadays?

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    you could regenerate it but you would not gain control because the effect doesnt say

    cudgel troll

    g:regenerate target creature

    you may gain control if the

    regenerated creauter is your oppenets

    choose me cause i used a real card :D

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    The regeneration capacity constantly has a value and an result. as an occasion in Troll Ascetic it says: 1G: Regenerate Troll Ascetic meaning that in case you pay 1G you will positioned a 'regeneration safeguard' over your Troll Ascetic. Any wrestle harm or burn harm (mutually with schock, or volcanic hammer) will burn up the 'regeneration safeguard' quite of killing your Troll (assuming that a technique or the different they are able to aim the Troll). As an results of utilising the 'regeneration safeguard', the regenerated creature will become tapped. Now harm executed with the help of attacking and blocking off creatures. as quickly as you declared blockers, the subsequent step interior the wrestle section is named "wrestle harm". right here you assign the wear and tear from the creatures you administration and your opponent does the comparable. as quickly as harm is assigned, you (and your opponent) are allowed to play outcomes, skills or spells, which will flow on a stack. as quickly as the stack solves and its empty, harm would be executed. shall we are saying you attack with Troll ascetic and that i block with a grizzly bears. You assign 3 harm to my bears, and that i assign 2 harm on your Troll. harm is going on the stack. I play massive enhance on my bears. You play your regeneration capacity (harm has been assigned yet no longer yet executed). as quickly as we the two pass and harm is dealt. Your Troll would be tapped, because of the fact which you used its regeneration safeguard. one extra element approximately regeneration: you pays the regeneration safeguard as many circumstances as you prefer, and not necesarrilly use it. shall we are saying which you have magus of the winery and no thank you to spend that mana, you ought to apply it to your Troll Ascetic's regeneration, whether it doesnt get harm in any respect.

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    I guess you could target your opponents creature, but you would not gain control.

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    you could but he wouldn't be under your control that would only help them if you did that. cool people still play magic.

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