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Virgin Media Broadband?

Hi, i was wondering to switch from Talktalk to virgin media broadband, and i would get 10mb download speed and unlimited downloads. Is Virgin media broadband fast, and does it have good custoer service.

If you could tell your experience with virgin media broadband, it would be great.

Thank you

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    they say its 10mb but it actually depends where you live

    im with bt and suppose to get 20mb but only get two because i live in the country

    if you live in the city then go for it if not go for a less mb speed


    why not try sky you get sky tv, broadband and phone for under £20/month i think :)

    please pick best answer :)

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    I have a Virginmedia connection and it measures at exectly the speed I pay for. So on my sample of one I'd say if you pay for 10Mb download you'll get 10Mb download.

    I am pretty sure, however, you will not get a symmertic connection. You upload speed is likely to be 512kb or 1Mb.

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  • Frank
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    After over 40 years with BT I left them and changed to Virgin media.

    Talk Talk rent cable plant from BT so you will have been served by their old copper cables prone to problems with/faulty joints/utilities hittig buried cables/distance from the exchange every problem that goes with old past it`s sell by date network.

    Virginmedia said 10 and I get as near as you can to that with Fibre Optic cable the difference is great.When I have had to contact them I have found them prompt and friendly.

    You will probably need a cable in from their nearest box normally out in the pavement but they will do it no bother.

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  • Sal*UK
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    I had mine installed just before Christmas - was fantastic then! The last month or so its dire - absolutely dreadful and their customer support/whatever is even worse.

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    im with virgin xcellent speed far better than sky.

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