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Why do people hate my chemical romance?

I tell people i'm a fan of my chemical romance, and they tease me, and tell me its really "gay". What is the deal? Why do people hate My Chemical Romance so much?

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    I really don't know.

    It may be some fans, the fact that they went mainstream, or even the silly Black Parade costumes or the "emo" stereotypes.

    But if you like Mcr then you should just ignore everyone who has nothing better to do than to bash the band. I think they have a great message and amazing songs, but it's too bad their misunderstood by so many people.

    Source(s): Friends who are fans.
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    For me at least, it's not the music. To be completely honest, I have a secret little love for a bunch of their songs. The problem for me is the number of rabid, insane fans that think they're the single greatest band ever created, which just isn't true. If they weren't overrated and hyped until I want to tear my hair out, I actually might be a fan.

    It's just that there are bands that I wish could have the status they do, that I think are better. Don't you have some bands you like, that you feel the same about?

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    No matter what is out there.. someone will hate it. Even if it's only because so many other people like it. If EVERYONE hated Chemical Romance then it would have never made it to your ears to start with.

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    Because My Chemical Romance make different music.

    Amazing, but different.

    And no, they are not talentless, they are very good at what they do. And they are not mainstream.

    I should know, I've only been a fan since 2001.

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    people will always hate on diffrent types of music all the time.

    for that one person that just loves a certain type of band, there will be another who just simply cant stand them.

    i say listen to what you listen too and thats that.

    by the way, i love my chemical romance as well. i am one of there fans too :)

    just tell them there gay lol

  • I DONT KNOW! My Chem are amazing, they've inspired and helped so many people.. They have a true connection with their fans which means more than anything, which i would know.. fan since the beginning :)

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    Because they're labeled by those scene haters as an "emo band," therefore they automatically assume it's "gay" and "talentless."

    Source(s): I personally like them a little.
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    They are a very image conscious band. It's the whole Style over Substance debate. And people tend to put them in the "style" category. Simple as that.

  • everyone has varied musical tastes.

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    because everyone has their own taste/preference...

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