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Would you recommend running with a hydration pack?

I do 8-10 miles runs in the park and plan to increase it as I get better during this Cross Country season. I usually go without water on my runs because I constantly remain hydrated during the day. I mainly want a hydration pack because it has a place for me to put my phone. My mom gets angry when I don't take my phone. I wear loose clothing and having a phone in your pocket is annoying and it can fall out and it is bothersome holding your phone and running with it...

So is running with a hydration pack comfortable?

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    It probably won't be to comfortable to you, especially at first.

    It's a good idea to drink water or a sports drink while you're running though, even if you feel hydrated.

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    It took me 1 run to get used to a hydration pack. I use a variety of different Amphipod belts. The bottles are thin so they hug the body a bit tighter and bounce around less. Plus, not only doesn't having a sip of water now and again help the body physically, it also helps me mentally if I lose focus. And a sip or two of water is a nice reward after a hard interval.

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