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How come there are Black People in South-Africa where it gets cold?

I mean i was taught about History that in Africa where it's mosty hot all year round hence of having Black People. And when the Ice-Age came and continents split the Humans started to change and become fairer etc. So my question is since it gets cold in South-Africa then how come there are Black People there?..Any country where it gets cold or has a Winter Season there aren't native blacks. So how come South-Africa has black people? did they immigrate from other African countries during the centuries? I mean they were there long before the White People camre right? so how come like say Nigeria where it's always Hot but in South-Africa where there is winter but still black People in both countries?


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    1. Black People are black not because of where we live but because our skins have melanin which reacts to the sun. That is why you get darker black people the closer to the equator or the hotter the climate.

    2. Khoisan people are the only natives to South Africa. Black people migrated down looong before the colonists. Though I believe it does not matter who came first. We are all South Africans.

    3. Asking why black people are both in Nigeria and South Africa could warrant me asking why there are white people in Australia and Finland. Both Climates are different but still has the same race group. That is why the skin colour does not dictate habitat, adaptation does.

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    The continents drifted apart a very long time before human life emerged. Humans moved about between the continents and gradually changed, evolving numerous pigmentations. The melanin in skin acts as a defence against UV rays, beneficial in hot countries, less so in cooler climates. In hot countries, babies with higher levels of melanin are better adapted at surviving that those lacking it and are therefore 'selected'. In cooler climates there is no such pressure on natural selection of black over white so resources the body uses to make additional melanin can be more beneficially used to promote other characteristics that may provide an advantage. South Africa is not geographically distant or 'cut-off' from the rest of Africa so the gene pool on the continent is more homogeneous and differences less marked than those between sub-Saharan Africa and say East Asia.

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    Apple20 has got a very good answer.

    I may add that much of other African countries in Southern and East Africa consist of high altitude plains, and isn't as hot all year round as you would imagine. And while South Africa may indeed be cooler than the African countries north of it, it is in fact sunnier here. South Africa is a colder but sunnier country than Nigeria, for example.

    It is indeed true that most current South Africans (black and white) are of comparatively recent origin. The Khoisan was the original people of Southern Africa. But these people's original homeland straddled the equator in East Africa, so the warm=black generalization fails there..Also, it needs to be mentioned that black South Africans have comparatively light skins. This is not because they now live in the "cold", but probably because of some Khoisan ancestry.

    The deterrent, if any, that may have caused the recent arrival of "blacks" was not likely to be cold, but less reliable rainfall than countries further up in Africa. This would have suited the nomadic lifestyle of the original Khoisan population better.

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    The original people in "South/Southern Africa" were Khoisan and San people. Others migrated from the north later due to wars, famine, urbanisation etc etc. Yes, we do have cold winters, but generally not temeperatures way below zero (degress Celsius). Also our winters are short (June - August, with long summers)

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    The original native South Africans were the bushmen, about 1000 years ago other african tribes moved into the area from the north through what is now Zimbabwe. (Please go read Wikipedia before commenting on this FACT) Just like darker skined people eventually turned white in Europe, Africans living in South Africa also stated turning a lighter color. You can compare pictures of South Africans with those of people from other African countries. I once heard a Nigerian making a joke on TV saying you can recognize a South African anywhere in Africa by their comparatively light complexion.

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    Generally speaking: Sometimes Blacks live in cold places of Africa too. As far as South Africa is concerned, different peoples and tribes used to live only in parts of what today is South Africa. Only after Whites came, Blacks followed them to seek jobs and better livelihood.

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    I don't know where you are studying, but that sounds all messed up man. It might be where black people originate from (although it really sounds like an old wives tale) but you can't look at that today. Where black or white people live today is usually dependable on settlers or wars back in the day or on the slave trade.

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    You learned in History that Africa is cold? What did they teach you in Geography, I wonder.

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    first:genetics is the reason why these people are black

    second:south Africa has hot summers, and mild to chilly winters. . :DD

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    Dude go back and learn about genetics cos you got it totally wrong.

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