How many job interviews have you been on before getting a job?

I have now been on 20 interviews and still no job offer. I tend to do everything you are supposed to do such as ask questions and read up on the company I am applying for.

I have lots of experience and always go for jobs that match my skills (admin). But still I have not got a job. I know one vacancy I went for had 400 applications but even so, for some reason I still fail every interview I go on, and when I ask for feedback all I get is that there was someone else more applicable.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hard isn't it, I really feel for you. Well you know what I have been unemployed twice and the first time it took 50 goes (during a recession) and the second time I got the first one I went for. Sometimes it is who you know not what you know. Also many places only advertise jobs becaue legally they have to- but they already know the person before it is even advertised so they get it- it is a foregone conclusion, not your fault at all.

    Are there any job clubs or advisory places where you live where you could get some advice? I was helped by one once- they told me I was over-selling myself and I took some things off my resume and I got work straight away- I'm not suggesting that would always work but I would seek advice from people who understand the local area where you come from.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dear you need to focus on your professional skills as well as your communication skills. These two are main issues of your failure. Try to work on them.

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