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What country does this surname originate from..?


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    Casane is a name of ancient Norman origin. It arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066. Casane is a name that comes from deCassagne, the name of the House of the Lords of Montagu, who were a family of distinction from the province of Bearne, France.

    Anglo-Norman names are characterized by a multitude of spelling variations. When the Norman became the ruling people of England in the 11th century, they introduced a new language into a society where the main languages of Old and later Middle English had no definite spelling rules. These languages were more often spoken than written, so they blended freely with one another Contributing to this mixing of tongues was the fact that medieval scribes spelled words according to sound, ensuring that a person’s name would appear differently in nearly every document in which it was recorded. The name has been spelled Cassan, Cassane, Casson and others. First found in Hampshire, where a Ralph Cattesson was on record in 1115. Other early records include Robert Casseson in 1327 in the Subsidy Rolls of Cambridgeshire, John Catessone, on record in the Feet of Fines of Suffolk in 1366 and William Cason in the Register of Freemen of the City of York in 1601.

    The Casane surname is of ancient Norman origin but considered to be English.

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    US census and immigration records show most with the surname CASANE coming from Italy, a few from France and some from Spanish countries


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    I have never heard the surname Casane before. It may be a variation of an older surname. For example, "Caslane" is Irish and "Casan" is Maltese.

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    I'm not finding it in a straight surname such on Ancestry UR or UK. Google wants to change the surname to rAvakhan and directs to a doctor. Totally a guess: REVAKHAH is close to Revkah, the Hebrew version of Rebecca. The surname could be a variation of that given name. It could also be an variation of Ravani, which is a surname found in India.

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    Sounds italian to me

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    Seems to be Italian to me.

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