TTC 2 years, we're to try pregnacare/wellman conception, do you recommend anything else as a new approach?

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Hi All Me & DH have been trying for #1 for 2 years now, I am 23, DH 26 both in good health, not overweight. Neither of us smoke or drink. My Husbands SA have come back fine, my more
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Hi, have you tried taking your temerature every morning before getting out of bed? When you ovulate your temperature goes up, if you record these temperatures you can see a pattern and can predict when to have sex to make it most effective. Also noting your cervical mucus helps too-the more wet and sort of stringy it is shows this is a good time to conceive.

These sound really simple but they do work. Googling signs of fertility would probably help-there are loads of downloadable apps to help you with plotting.

Oh and I know this one would be really hard to do but loads of people say to not worry about it...easy for them to say eh? But I guess it's better to keep positive and believe it will happen.

Hope they help
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  • TTC answered 4 years ago
    You have been trying for two years and haven't even been taking supplements?

    You don't want to be taking anymore than pregnacare, oesteocare and omega 3 because in total they should give you more than enough of any essential vitamins.

    I'd never risk herbal when ttc.
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  • wishing for baby #2 answered 4 years ago

    There is nothing else that you should take the pregnacare conception & wellman conception have all the vitamins in that you will need to get your body's ready. Has the doctors not said they will give you anything to help like clomid? You have been trying for 2 years and should now be given some help? I wish you lots of luck and sending you baby dust
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  • Mrs. M answered 4 years ago
    I don't have an answer for you, but I am curious as to what the pregnacare/wellman conception method is. Could you let us know?
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  • UW2010 answered 4 years ago
    try fertilaid for women, instead soft cups and pre seed lubricant. they work!


    my sister used these products and got pregnant that month.
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