Is a legit site?

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I'm trying to find a cheap yet trustable landlord agency in London for zones 1 and 2. I've found some reasonable priced flats on but they're asking me to more
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I would never pay a fee upfront, a legitimate estate agent only charges a fee once you have seen the place and they need to do a credit check. In fact it's illegal for any agency to charge upfront fees.
Here's a few discussions about them
Granted these are all a few years old but if it's the same company I can't see that things may have changed much

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Thanks, was exactly what i was looking for :)
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  • Sir Jam answered 4 years ago
    Best to do this in person. No reputable letting agency charges a fee. You will obviously have to pay a deposit once you have chosen a property.
    You will find Zones 1 and 2 very expensive - unless you are an executive or similar.
    Even Zone 3 (Wood Green) seems pricey.
    I have a quite ordinary ground floor studio in Zone 3 and the rent is £170 per week
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