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Is it funny/sad that Dimocrats & 0bama fired McChyrstal while they have so few qualified generals?

They had to reach for almost the last person who has any hope of winning 0bama's war now that they got rid of one of the few thoroughly experienced generals.

Generals have been fired left and right (before McChyrstal) because they don't have the understanding that he has of counterinsurgency warfare.

Now 0bama is down to his last hope --- Petraeus ---- since he fired McChyrstal. Right?

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    i would use the word funny, or ironic,

    i would use the words egocentric power trip.

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    Wow where have you been the last eight years?

    Obamas war? The man has only been in office seventeen months, calling it Obama's war means you have been in a coma.

    I don't keep track of Generals getting fired, but I haven't heard of anyone but McChrystal, whose firing even he understands, resigning, in the last seventeen months.

    We can't 'win' this war, we didn't go into under Bush, to 'win' anything, we went in to get Osama eight long years ago, and to do that we got rid of the Taliban, almost, if anything we have been more successful at damaging AlQaida by killing their leadership in the past year than ever before.

    I hope you feel better, head trauma isn't to be taken lightly.

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    What's really sad is that the Republicans that worship at the altar of corporate America don't know something as basic as the fact that you can't diss your boss in public and expect to keep your job

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    The Democrats won WWI and WWII. The Republicans under Reagan cut and run after 240 Marines were killed by terrorists in Lebanon and cut and run from Vietnam. That said, the big brave Republicans did defeat Granada. Frankly, when it comes to military matters (as well as economic ones) Republican policies are the policies of losers.

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    There is no way this war is winnable anyway.

    All thats left is for Obama to try to save face & call it a victory as he tucks tail & leaves.

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    actually it is sad....obama doesn't want to win the war, biden doesn't want to win.....viet nam all over again

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