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Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer?

Which one do YOU prefer? Also, do not mention any other web browsers, since this is strictly a poll between Chrome and IE. Which one do you think is better? If possible, why?

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    Chrome. First there was IE. Then Firefox came along, and there were less viruses. Then Chrome came along. As of yet, there hasn't been much time for hackers to exploit it. Eventually though, a new, faster, cleaner (as in less cluttered), browser will come along, and I'll probably use that.

    As I started to say, IE is also way too cluttered for me. Chrome just has a search/address hybrid, bookmarks, tab control, Page button, and Tools button. Also, some of the themes are really sleek, and you can use Incognito. I think IE has that too, but I don't know because I use Chrome. :)

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    Google Chrome

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    Obviously, GOOGLE CHROME. It is from Google. It's proven to be the fastest. I like the way it works. It's very easy to use. It is not crappy. It is a smart browser, unlike IE. It has a lot of features. Extensions are cool. Internet Explorer sucks.

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    ANYTHING is better than Internet Explorer. I would rather get in a car and personally go to the host of each website and manually download the pages into a thumb drive than use Internet Explorer.

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    I just Hate IE, so many reasons, I can't list.

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    definitely Google Chrome. it's so much faster. and i like the minimalistic look

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    chrome since Microsoft try to hard and its faster

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    chrome because it is more stable than ie...

    though their are other browsers also such as opera, mozila..etc

    i prefer chrome.

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