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Had enough? vote republican for next term?

everyone voted for obama because he was democrat because they were tired of the war, wanted to get us troops pulled out, and thought a democrat could get the economy boosted back uo, well we are still at war, illegal immigrants are flooding the country taking jobs and making the economy even WORSE, oh and did i mention that Obama wanted all veterans to pay for their own healthcare 100% out of pocket for the injuries they received while fighting for this country, while he gives illegal immigrants free healthcare for life? im voting for the big red elephant next election HOW ABOUT YOU?

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    I would rather prefer a fiscal conservative, now if I can just find a few. They used to be in the republican party and the current base of republicans are much more fiscally conservative than any of the democrats.

    Yes, I remember Obama saying that the current military and our veterans should pay for their own health care "They volunteered and knew the risks" I bet the SOB isn't paying for his own medical insurance and won't be paying when he leaves. Didn't he volunteer for the job he has ? (maybe not, Soros was probably twisting his arms)

    I want a president in the mold of Dwight D. Eisenhower, one that is not afraid to round up all of the illegals and ship them back to where they came from. That is exactly what Eisenhower did in 1953.

    Since it is difficult to find enough fiscal conservative, I will have to vote for second best and vote republican, they spend by no where near as much as those that have a JACKASS for a mascot.

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    Well said Eric and agoodque! Illegal immigraton is out of control because no other president wanted to and didn't address the issue. The situation could have been handled way back in the 70's before it became such an issue. As for illegals taking jobs away........yeah the jobs you or me wouldn't dream of doing. So now it's Obama's failure? Come on! They should have nipped it in the bud when they could have. Will I vote republican? Heck No.........not ever. talk about taking from the poor to feed the rich. No thanks! Those days are OVER!!! Republicans have raped us for too long!!!

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    Why are not you intelligent sufficient to grasp individuals voted for him seeing that he used to be one million,oooooo instances higher than Palin and the historical guy. I hate while individuals such as you say dull shyt like most effective black individuals placed Obama in workplace, their have been hundreds of thousands of white, hispanic and different races that helped placed him in workplace, to be sincere he would now not have made it with out the white vote, in order that suggests that a few white individuals had sufficient experience to vote for him and his coverage irrespective of colour, others such as you undoubtedly might have as an alternative had a girl that sees Russia from her again porch than a black guy that's good certified for the activity. Give the person a hazard to make the alterations he promised, in any case he inherited this mess from Bush and it took Bush eight years to make a mistake our nation so that you can not assume anyone else to step in a undo it in a question of months. Stop being a sore looser and get on together with your existence, considering that being sour may not difference the truth that he's president.

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    Former Independent here, voting straight ticket Republican, for the first time ever, come this November. And same thing again in 2012. Hopefully, my new hero, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, will run on the Republican ticket for president.

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    I hate both the democrats and the republicans, so I'm not even voting next time unless there's a candidate from the Modern Whig Party.

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    illegal immigrants aren't going to get free healthcare. This bill has nothing to do with free healthcare as a matter of fact it comes out of pocket. Also Obama's done more for the veterans than Bush ever has. You guys are voting based solely on emotion and allowing the pundits to do your thinking for you. I try and listen to both sides but the republican side seems to be idiotic to the point of lunacy.

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    Illegal immigrants do not and will not get free health care for life. the health care plan that passed specifically restricts government assistance to anyone in the country illegally. An illegal immigrant may buy health care coverage, but there is nothing the government can do about that...they can buy whatever they want. Yes, we are still at war, but no one reasonable expected it to be ended overnight. The economy will take some time to fix, but I do feel we are on our way. I will never vote republican, it was their policies that put us in the position we are in now. The wars are all republican. The housing bubble that put our economy in a downward spiral all happened under the republican watch. Even the oil spill is in part to blame on the republican government allowed the oil companies to operate without any reliable oversight. How could anyone have been able to correct two wars and an economy in the toilet in one year. You want me to vote republican because a democrat couldn't fix the mess the republican left, that would be a serious mistake.

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    There are probably political parties out there that would do a better job than the Republicans but they stand no chance of winning and we have to get the Democrats out before they do any more damage

  • This independent veteran who was a Republican for 32 years will NOT vote for a Republican again unless the current Republicans are removed from the party.

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    I had enough - this democrat gonna vote for the elephants again this election also! Democratic party starting to really suck!

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