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General McChrystal: "Obama is no Commander-in-Chief"--should Obama resign?

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    yes his resignation (0bama's) would be the best thing he could do for our country

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    Obama deserves no respect from any member of the military. First his attitude toward military is horrible and you get what you give. Second a basic trainee graduate knows more about it than Obama does. This is the worst most moronic Commander-in-chief ever. Now we have vigilantes heading toward the border with Mexico. This is something something I predicted earlier. Things like this happen because of failed policy. In the argument between Kyle and Obama a preponderance shows Kyle to be telling the truth. First Obama will always support his (retarded) position and Kyle has always been know to tell the truth. I'm still waiting for the day Obama does. If anybody should resign its Obama. That would be the best thing that ever happened to national security.

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    Obama should resign. It's unfortunate that he does not want other to express the most obvious about his inability to manage the state of the union.

    We made a mistake when we voted Obama in. He has cost us jobs. He has spent our money. He has made false promises, and lied to everyone.

    He is not an honorable men. It's also unfortunate that real men of honor such a McChrystal get shafted at the expense of those who do not want to be exposed.

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    He called his general back to Washington

    so he could explain the Rolling Stone article.

    The tradition of not speaking out against the commander in cheif while in the military

    despite the first ammendment was loosening up

    during the Bush administration, but it seems to be a really new era now.

    The general must be like star who found out his series is about to be cancelled.

    Of course the producer must be wrong, it's such a great JOB!

    How can you call the French minister "gay" as a peacetime general?

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    No. He would probably increase his ratings in the polls if he did something decisive. Like having a General shot for insubordination.

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    McChrystal is no general. No General would ever say that if they were worth their stars.

    McChrystal should resign.

    Now lets talk about the incompetency of the Republican party. You think Obama should resign because of what a general said. Republicans do not understand the long term consequences of a president being pushed around by generals. That is what leads to military dictatorships. De facto like Japan before WW2 and Dejur like Chlle in the 1970's.

    Republicans should resign as a party because they do not know how to handle these situations and would crumble democracy because otheir actions.

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    Never happen, Obama will fire McCrystal and claim he's a traitor. Obama has no class this will be just another example.

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    Bush never once did what any General told him - don't pretend he did.

    You really have to wonder which Neocon/Wall Street shill put him or his Aide up to this!

    Obama has provided Generals in Afganistan with more troops and support than Bush ever did, and putting US troops in advisory and training roles was always the plan from day one - so where is this sudden cr** coming from?


    I'd follow the stench to Glenn Beck.

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    forget these people you see on the TV and read about in the news. They are just puppets to back room deals trickled down from true power blood lines. You really think they would show you who's stripping us of more freedoms than ever? There is only so many ways to improve your quality of life in today's world. Take it or leave it.

    Doesn't matter if Obama resigns or not, there will still be a power blood line back there calling shots that change you and your kid's freedom.

    as for passing this or that or certain plans failing...just imagine living in a world where you can receive a letter saying "vote for the bill or your family disappears" and you know it is real if a JFK can be sniped in the head in broad daylight on national TV.

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    I wish he would.

  • Mark F
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    Actually, I have found nobody that can verify this quote. Even if it were accurate, McChrystal is not an elected official and he is entitled to his opinions. You will actually find no shortage of people (including his own troops) who think McChrystal should be sacked.

    Nice try though on making stuff up to score meaningless political points among teenagers.

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