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can you put toner on highlighted hair?

im getting full head highlights on thursday to get my hair platinum blonde but can i use toner to make it go white? my natural colour atm is like a mix of dark/medium goldish blonde

my mums comin with me to the salon and doesnt want me to go white thats why i cant do that part proffesionally, so ill buy a toner myself and do it next week :)

would using toner to make it white work though? and if you know any good ones list them plese :) xx


actually im paying for it with my own money.. i just dont like going to the salon alone lol.

and how could it turn green? if toners are purple, :S i thought that only happens if you leave it on to long? x

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    Yeah, that should be fine.

    I like SFX


    Although lots of people don't like manic panic, their toner seems to be the exception


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  • 10 years ago

    No, you should NOT do this! Expecially after your mother spends the money to take you to the salon to have it professionally done. Please think about this before you destroy your hair all together. You should when there at the salon ask the professional how to achieve the color you are wanting. Go gradually! Maybe the salon can help you achieve the color you want without you having to go back in the weeks to come and get it fixed because you put toner on it and it turned it Mountain Dew Green.... Just a thought. Hope all turns out and you make a wise decision.

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