My sisters blood test are showing and inflamation of the liver, is thie serious?


She does not drink alcahol, is 17 weeks pregnant, has pain on right side...

Test are being taken, could it be a virus? she doesn't appear to have any other symptoms... Thanks for any advice

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    There are different things that can take place during

    pregnancy. One of them is the development of

    fatty liver disease. It isn't common, but it can take


    Fatty liver usually happens in the third trimester, though,

    is my understanding of this. After the pregnancy is

    over, this sometimes reverses itself.

    Another thing that can take place is a stone moving

    from the gallbladder into the bile ducts and blocking

    the flow of bile to the intestines. The bile then backs

    up into the liver and cause cell damage there.

    This also doesn't happen often...but they can determine

    this by an ultrasound or Ct scan.

    Yes, it can be a virus like hepatitis A,B,C,ETC. If

    she came into contact with someone elses blood or

    body fluids or drank unclean water/food, etc.

    There are many different causes of liver cell damage...

    look over this list and see if any apply:

    alcohol consumption, medications toxification,

    chemical exposure, mushroom poisoning,

    viral infections (like hepatitis A,B,C),

    parasite infections, biliary obstruction/malformation/

    infection, cardiac/vascular problems,

    auto immune disease, hereditary conditions

    like the body holding onto too much iron or copper,

    metabolic disorders where the liver doesn't

    process glucose well or lacks a certain enzyme,

    cancer/tumors/growth/cysts, fatty liver disease,

    and more.

    The doctor has to determine the cause of the

    problem. Once that is found, he then can

    treat her accordingly.

    This is how things can progress:

    When the liver cells become damaged, the

    immune system of the body will respond to this

    damage and cause inflammation to develop in

    the liver. This inflammation will cause the liver

    to enlarge in size (can be seen on an ultrasound).

    If the cause if found and stopped and the inflammation

    is treated, then the liver cells can heal. It won't become

    serious in nature, unless the liver cells start to die off.

    When the cells die off, it can cause scar tissue inside

    the liver that can block the flow of blood that carries

    nourishment and oxygen to the functioning liver cells.

    I hope this information has been of help. Outside of

    her regular gynecologist, she should be seeing either

    a gastroenterologist or hepatologist now.

    Best wishes to you and your sister

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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    This is an answer maybe only one person can know right now. There are many things that can cause this to happen. A blood test being positive is only the first thing any suspecting person looking for causes into reasons she feels the way she has been lately too. The very best diagnosis is by a liver biopsy. This is done on an out patient basis in a clinic where the radiology doctor goes into the liver and takes a very small piece of the liver for the lab to examine. The liver is the only organ in our body that can rejuvenate itself too, which is great. If the cause was through something that might be contagious, like any Hepatitis, or disorder like that than yes, without treatment it can be very serious. If it was caused by something other than a permanent disease or disorder then no, it can be helped with the treatment and advise of a GI doctor. This is their specialty, all the digestive disease organs are. Your sister knows or should know whether she's been exposed to anything contagious and to follow up on it too. If so please ask her so that you can try to make sure you don't catch it from her. Another thing is to make sure your mom or guardian knows asap. This is to protect you for the rest of the healthy life you deserve. Remember the liver does and can rejuvenate itself, so make sure the earlier you know, the sooner you'll be better, and your sister is the only one that can start the ball rolling. Good luck and God Bless

    Source(s): nursing and personal experience I caught Hepatitis C as a young nurse from a patient. That was how I got it and followed up only after the patient felt guilty enough to tell the hospital.
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    what i do hear is that the liver is very good at repairing itself compared with other organs . is she a drinker? alcohol will not help but i do not know if that is what caused it .

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