Is Bumrungrad Hospital a good hospital in Bangkok Thailand?

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I am considering going there on my next vacation to get an operation done. It seems like a good hospital. Has anybody been there that can give some input? more
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It is an excellent hospital. I have had a number of minor procedures performed there and my wife had surgery there. Excellent medical care and wonderful treatment by staff and nurses.

Bumrungrad is just one of a number of JCI certified hospitals in Thailand. All are excellent. See the list at the link. Stick with one of those and you will be fine.


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Seems like a really nice hospital.
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  • ,., answered 4 years ago
    I had knee replacement surgery done at Bumrungrad Hospital two months ago. Spent 11 days as an in patient. This hospital meet all the Western Standards for hospitals, but the cost is more than most Thai hospitals, but I wanted a surgeon I could trust and was trained in the USA and was also recommended by my wife's uncle who is also a surgeon at Bumrungrad. I was very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and the hospital accounting department help with my arrangements to have the VA pay most of the cost because it was combat related.

    As an in patient I found the hospital room and bed all were American Standard types big room and if you want your friend could stay in the room with you overnight. The staff is nice and do anything they can to make you comfortable. You get a selection of food to eat either Thai, Western or Muslim food, each day they will come with a meal for you select your meals for the next day. If you didn't know it you would think you were in any private hosptial in the USA.


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  • Taksin answered 4 years ago
    Yes it is the only world certified hospital in Thailand, but actually I like BNH better Bangkok Nursing Hospital, people think it is a nursing home but it is not, actually most folks think it is the best! But either choice is the right one!
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  • JosF answered 4 years ago
    I am a regular patient there, for many years. Am waiting for approval of an operation by my insurance company. It is a very good hospital, in medical care equal or better than most western hospitals. In service, much better. Highly recommended.
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  • karazyal answered 4 years ago
    I had some oral surgery done there just within the last year. I had no problem with their service. They seemed professional enough, the office was clean enough, etc. But I didn't get anything really serious.

    They have a nice fancy hospital, they are used to foreigners scheduling medical care on a short notice. They have a system in place where you are issued an ID card, you need your passport to prove who you are, etc. If it is something expensive they will ask about method of payment.

    When you enter the place it is sort of impressive! You see lots of rich sheiks and other foreigners entering for care. There is a even a McDonalds and some fancy coffee places available too.

    Something to think about. If they screw up who do you sue? All hospitals have screw-ups! If you do sue and win a lawsuit it won't be like the windfalls they hand out in the US. Instead of a million dollars you might get a million baht if you are really lucky and actually win a lawsuit.

    Here are some links from another travel forum where Bangkok hospitals come up.

    Good luck.
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  • Village Player answered 4 years ago
    There are several good hospitals in Bangkok. I have been to Bumrungrad many many times (my wife has hepatitis and she needed to have tests and medication). One of my friends had vasectomy reversal and was very happy with the price and outcome. Bumrungrad is Asia's first JClA (Joint Commission International Accreditation) accredited hospital (US standards).

    If you are planning to have cosmetic surgery, you might want to look at
    Yanhee Hospital (JCI Accredited)
    454 Charansanitwong Rd, Bang-o, Bangplad, Bangkok 10700 THAILAND

    Several others for cosmetic/non-cosmetic procedures are:
    BNH (Bangkok Nursing Home) Hospital (JCI Accredited)
    9/1 Convent Road, Silom

    Samitivej Hospital (JCI Accredited)

    Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
    1873 Rama IV Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand


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