Advantages and disadvantages of sweatshops?

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hi, can anyone tell me some advantages of sweatshops? i know as paul krugman has defended there are long term advantages; but what are they? also, some disadvantages would be more
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  • OPM answered 4 years ago
I don't know Krugman's argument but here is mine. Everyone has to eat and some people have incredibly minimal skills. A person lacking skills can either work in a sweat shop, and acquire skills through work experience, or starve to death or commit crimes to support themselves. In wealthy nations welfare is used to prevent crime. In poor nations a pay raise depends upon adding skill. Lacking large scale education systems, work based learning is all there is.

The negative side is that sweat shops form when there is little demand for additional labor and so the power difference between manager and worker is almost to the point of enslaving the worker. Free bargaining doesn't really exist in the best sense because the bargaining power of the worker is minimal, the worker being forced to choose between harm to self or harm to self.
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