I need someone to check my work its just one problem?

to find the circumference of an oval X+Y*Pi were X and Y are the two radius "the shortest and longest lines from the center" the hole point I think is to make the oval into a circle by adding X and Y and you get the diameter of a circle with the same circumference as the oval so to get the circumference you just multiply 3.14 by the diameter I already printed out an oval with lines from yahoo images and did the measurements with a ruler and string it was very close so close that i blame human error can someone else give me a second opinion


I prefer not to say ellipse i say oval did U try it out U may be suprised but the answere could be right under your nose

Update 2:

you are right there is no simple way but Im not using an oval any more I made the oval into a cirlce an oval is a stretched circle is easy to make round

Update 3:

I allready know Im right lets to a steven hawking prove me wrong who ever does get best answere I want measure ment too

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    Well you may be surprised to learn that there is no simple formula for the perimeter of an ellipse.

    Here's an approximation:

    pi( (3A+3B) - sqrt((A+3B)*(B+3A)) )

    Not all problems have nice solutions.

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