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How do British soldiers feel fighting for the US, when Obama keeps kicking their country?

I should imaging that it is hard to trust the US forces, or even consider them 'Allies', when the US President is wandering all over the US, and is all over the TV, Brit Bashing for all he is worth.

Perhaps it is time for the UK to say: If you think that way about the UK, then obviously you do not want or need us fighting your war.

Thoughts please.

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    obama just shows the world what a fool he is, BP = 6 british directors 6 american directors = 10,000 british employee's, 20,000 american employee's, a global company,

    Transocean = This firm owned operated the doomed Deepwater Horizon rig that was blown apart in April while drilling a well for BP, killing 11 workers and unleashing the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill = an american owned and operated company.

    BP = steps up to the plate takes full resposibility for clean up, Transocean has done a very good job of hunkering down and keeping quiet while BP takes the flak, Obama has showed no apparent interest in directing similar wrath at Transocean, Because it leased the rig and owned the oil, BP is the "responsible party" under American legislation for the leak, containment and clean-up.

    But as Transocean was the rig's owner and operator, its role is also under scrutiny. Both the criminal investigation by the Department of Justice and forthcoming civil compensation cases will examine the firm's actions - yet its name is rarely mentioned by US politicians or media.

    yes its brit bashing and politians in this country are coming under presure to put him in his place

    response = bo llocks to your retarded president

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    Don't know about the handed away to Johnny Foreigner bit. Because I don't think that it has. Plus there were a lot of troops that didn't come from here who fought shoulder to shoulder with us. Just for one, the Ghurkas. From Nepal. One of the most feared regiments in the world. They sign up to our army willingly. Then Canada, Australia, India and Poland and many others sent their sons. BUT as for what this country has become in terms of decency, morality and respect. Then yes. And it saddens me.

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    Some Americans need to check thier facts. This BP thing isn't the only time he has severely disrespected this country. He hates us because of Kenya - the man is so unprofessional he puts his own agenda ahead of his countries. Selfish and unable to lead in my opinion.

    In fact, look back to Iraq, when the whole world BUT Britain turned thier back on the United States, before reading this.

    Obama is either an idiot, or is intentionally disrespecting us. We sent more troops than any other supporting nation in these two wars ME INCLUDED and he downplays and even refuses to acknowledge our sacrifice.

    We should say to Obama - "OK. You obviously don't like us. We are pulling all of our troops out. Lets see how popular you are when you have to explain to the American people why you have to send another 60,000 troops to cover the gap. Oh and see these pictures here? They are the pictures of every young man and woman who gave thier lives supporting our friends from America. All these pictures represent sons and daughters, sisters brothers and wives who have to rebuild thier lives because thier loved ones ain't coming back".

    And then slap him on the way past. I'd kill to be able to do that to him.

    Oh and "William M". America and Britain entered Afghanistan BEFORE NATO got involved. NATO was called in when we were rebuilding using the subsidery "ISAF". As for Iraq, No NATO either.

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    I think its time we ended the relationship before it starts to get really nasty. Obama has made no secret of hes dislike for the British. F*ck Obama. Let him have hes way. Hes the one America voted for. They must have liked what he put in front of them. Anti British was part of the package. Britain would be better to just use its military as defence only and get its own problems sorted out. What the Hell are we doing supporting everyone at a huge cost to ourselves, and getting bad mouthed for our troubles?.....Britain would be much better off if we just looked after our own interests. Screw the rest of the world, and that goes for the EU too.

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    Well i would point out that Plenty of people bash Hallaburtin. A U.S. Oil company. And thats not US Bashing. Its Hallaburtin Bashing.

    And i hate to tell you this but NATO forces in Afghanistan are under NATO control.

    I have been to KOSOVO before in a United States Army Unit Under a French Commander.

    Was i fighting for the French? No. I was in a NATO task force.

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    Is he bashing Britain as a country, or criticizing (legitimately) the actions of one corporation?

    In any case, BP have more American employees than British.

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    It's not that they are fighting FOR the US, it is that they are fighting AGAINST a common enemy.

    0bama isn't Brit bashing, he is BP bashing.

    Not bashing the country, but a company from the country.

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    It is time for the British people to say no more Brit Bashing, we should have never fought for the Americans in their two unjust war. I hope God will forgive us for our sins against all those that have died for the USA to get rich.

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    Yes and every other country in the world doesn't constantly bash the US or anything..../sarcasm

    Oh no we hurt their feelings... grow a pair

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    Who cares. Far as I am concerned the UK can finish it's descent into oblivion without being propped up by the US anymore

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