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What do You think of Strippers, Prostitutes, Sex Models, or any other Sex Workers?

They do it by choice not forced to. What do you think about them?

What's your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars? And any aspect you find significant?

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    I feel strongly that it's their business and none of mine. I don't like the double standard that many persons have toward sex workers. Over my lifetime, I've heard a variety of persons putting these people down, and then later say that they are going to go to see strippers, or to a sex party, or to buy porn. It's a symbiotic relationship. Any person who takes part in buying or using is no better or worse than the person who is offering the service or product. All those billions of porn videos being bought have not been purchased by one lone person. I've viewed porn, and also magazines with men, so I'm not going to be hypocrite and say bad things about those who work in that industry.

    Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Pisces

    Moon in Libra

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    I'm divorced, but I'll answer anyway, because my answers would've differed if u asked when I was never married 1. I feel ok. If I were married, I'd just say one thing...stay away from MY guy. It's a job. I doubt they like doing it, but they get paid better than anyone working a "real" job but do half the work. 2. No. 3.Only with other men I knew too. 4. No. I wouldnt b good at it. But if I take this q another way; Yes, I see this job as a career, it pays well, prostitution is the OLDEST profession(it's even condomned in the bible). 5. That, I dont like. Sixteen is too young, I'd agree if the girls were 21. 6. Yes. I've seen too many HBO documentaries on people in the sex industry to say no. Plus, even ones on the street dont look "clean". Plus, you've heard stories told by Anna Nicole Smith, and Jenna Jamison, and Tracy Lords. So it's not glamorous. It's just some nice cash for a little work. But it does wreak havok on ur self-esteem. 7. No. 8. I did when I was married. I think once or twice. We were only together for two months. I was a virgin prior to meeting him, so I took mental notes on what to do. I did all I saw(ok, SOME), but in the end, it wasnt enough to save the marriage.

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    I've been debating answering this because sometimes my daughters are on this section. Like some said, I can't bring myself to be a hypocrite about this issue.

    It's the choice of those people to do that line of work, unless some are forced. I really don't know that to be the case.

    I have a big problem with some of the acts performed in such work. I cringe at acts which could cause life shattering illness, lockjaw, and infections. According to what I've read, some of these workers have to show proof of clean bill of health. There's no way to test men for HPV, and that should be a sobering thought for some of these people. Again though, it's their life. I drive in rush hour traffic almost every day, and I know those statistics are also sobering.

    Source(s): Sun, Venus and Mercury in Virgo Moon in Pisces Mars in Leo
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    it depends, I believe that a lot of strippers/models etc do it voluntarily. However, there is a huge industry for abducting young girls, drugging them up and forcing them into the sex industry. Nevada prostitutes do it voluntarily, but where it's illegal there is a black market, and the prostitutes can't exactly go to the police when something bad happens. So for much of the illegal sex markets, I think its not there choice, or wasn't originally at least...

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    I couldn't do it unless I was at gunpoint. I don't think its morally wrong, but it would be too much of a fracturing of the ego for me. I'm too sensitive of a person, and love myself too much, to just give my body away to anyone, it would feel like I'm literally tearing myself apart, and the money wouldn't help me get over it. I think many people who are prostitutes are victims of circumstance, I'm not sure if anyone genuinely aspires to or enjoys becomming one. I don't think that people who are forced into the industry should be treated as criminals, they're the ones who are being exploited, rather we need to work on creating more options for people so they can sustain a living and still have emotionally and physically healthy lives.

    Virgo sun/ Cancer moon/ Pisces rising/ Libra Mercury/ Cancer Venus/ Aries Mars

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    I don't think anything about them just solely based on their profession, I think if anything assuming they are not doing it to support a habit or only because they need the money because in a way that is being forced, they are courageous because they do not listen to the the idle chatter of people who usually have no idea what they are talking about. I was a stripper for a short while and it was the time of my life. I didn't do it for the money but because I really enjoyed it, and Im not ashamed at all I will tell anyone that ask me because its nothing to be ashamed about. I love my body and I don't understand what is wrong with allowing other people to enjoy it to whatever degree I am comfortable with.

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    I think it's sad but unavoidable. Where there are men, there will be demand for such things.

    However, more often than not this girls don't have much of a choice. I believe many resort to using their body in such ways as a last resort. Sure, everyone loves the easy way out, but selling your body is a really steep price for a quick buck. It's not easy work and in the long term it's both psychologically and physiologically detrimental.

    So, like I said. Steep price to pay, but it's often an understandable choice. It is easy to stand from our view and say it's disgusting and whatnot, it is however, hard to be able to understand their pains and worries.

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    all sex workers, strippers or anyone else in the adult industry are just in denial of their repressed pain and inner displeasure. research have shown that 80% of people who worked in the adult industry have had some experience with childhood sexual assault. it is emotionally and psychologically damaging on levels that people do not realize.

    prostitution will drag u into the lifestyle forever.. and even if u get to the point when u'v fooled urself to believing its empowering and pays so well, u are sacrificing something that u cannot get back.. and that is ur soul.. im not being a tool its just tru.. when u sell your body, your company, your smile and put on a personality when u hav to work, its taxing on your emotions and your soul.. it drowns u of ur spirit.. u learn to manipulate, learn to "deal" with ppl's crap, n basically switch on n off your personality to suit work. instead of putting on a uniform, u put on another personality. and trust me u cannot just "be yourself" in the adult industry. you always hav to put up a mask. and that mask you wear? it will stick tighter and tighter.. until one day the secrets you keep from your friends family and the soul you'v lost consumes u and make yourself believ that u hav a great life, but as soon as u stop working, u'll feel like death. prostitution wil consume u.

    lets not even mention the danger and disease factors. it is physically demanding. think about having sex for 8 hours. every day for 4 days in a week. normally u'd proly get an hour a day 3 times a week with a bf. try it with a guy. see if u can handle it. try it with a 64 year old guy. smell him. run ur fingers through his grey pubic hair. think about having to listen to some guy winging about his wife. go and pick an average guy off the street and sleep with him. see how that feels.

    same goes with being a stripper. u hav to go n put on a smile and switch on and off for work. and that is emotionally and psychologically damaging. its not worth the money.

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    I feel sorry for them and think that many of them did not do it by choice. When people have sex with a prostitutes i believe only the client should be prosecuted and he should be accused of statuary rape. The way to get ride of prostitution is to offer those women a better job. If you do that they will have no need to make money through sex.

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    Sagittarius sun in the 9th

    Leo moon in the 6th

    Sagittarius Mercury in the 9th

    Scorpio Venus in the 8th

    Aries Mars in the 1st


    If they are not forced, then there is nothing I can say about it, nor can I tell them how to live their life. Or work, or what kind of job they want to have.

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