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Atheists: Do you really know what's written in the Bible? Have you read it? May I ask you a question?

There are many prophesies (predictions) written in the Bible. Most of those written in the Old Testament refer to events that would take place hundreds of years later in the New Testament. The New Testament has prophesies in it too. Do you know any of them? Can you name & point out some of them? How many have not come true? If the prophesy/prophesies have not come about yet, what did they/it concern?

I can offer an answer to the above questions later on.


Geezah: Odd you didn't actually point any of them out. Maybe that means you really don't know what you're talking about.

Update 2:

Solly Llama: Evidently you have never read Matthew 24:30. Jesus is talking and in effect says that heaven will open up, all will see it, and He will descend upon the earth.

Update 3:

Salt Shaker: I would love to meet you ! My mom was killed in a car wreck and your comment is juvenile, degrading, and out right worthless. I see you don't allow contact-but I do. Please contact me and give your remark to me face to face.

Update 4:

It;s odd that so few of you actually mention a prophecy. Noah's ark, plague of frogs, etc. were not prophecies.

The OT was written hundreds of years (and some of it thousands of years) before the NT. Don't you think people would have known that what was written in their Bible came about in their own lifetime?

Example: Read Psalm 22:16-18.Written hundreds of years before Christ was even born.says- Pierced his hands and feet, parted his garments, gazed upon him, ridiculed him.thirsty.

Now read Matthew (an eyewitness account) Cast lots for his garments, ridiculed him, spit on him. offered bitter vinegar to drink but he rejected it. Mark 15:23 &24, Luke 23:34-36John 19:23-29 all say about the same thing. Read it for yourself.

In the OT over and over again,a person needed to sacrifice choice animals and/or grain to be forgiven of their sins & was strictly adhered to. Is this still done? No. Why? Because the sacrifice of Jesus has taken away our sins. Crucifixion=driving nails hand & foot

Update 5:

The people listed in the Bible were not Italian. Parts of the Bible were written by Moses and he lived a very long tome before 1300.

Many of the places mentioned in the Bible are still actual places today. The census at the time of Jesus birth was has been found to be actual. coins have been found with the same names inscribed on them as written in the Bible. Ask a person of the Jewish faith if Abraham, Issac, and Jacob were real people.

Jacob's name was changed to Israel way back then.

There are many more prophesies that have come about. This is just a few of them. And yes, the second coming of Christ is the only unfulfilled prophesy. But it ain't over yet either. Not yet-but it will come about . You can count on it.

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    Give up on them. Don't even attempt to converse with them on a diplomatic level.

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    Modern Christianity is somewhat misguided. TRUE christians walk the walk. 90% of all christians that I know are content on a savior instead of taking their own initiative to create heaven on earth. One question I like to pose to christians is this...... if "jesus" had desciples, then he must have been a teacher, so where are HIS LESSONS. Yes, I have read the bible, and the new testament is mostly the story of the life of jesus (and it is no coincidence that the stories of the bible are strikingly similar to ALL zodiacal astrological mythologies- if one would study anything OTHER than the bible, one would know this) Do you think that when "christ" was alive, that he went around preaching that one day he would die and everyone would be saved? Not likely. If he did live as a real flesh and blood man, his lessons were probably practical ways to commune with the divine WITHOUT the need of a bogus middle man, AKA - the church and priest class. After all, he came to "bring a sword" right? This is the BIG lesson that has been derailed. His teachings were whitewashed into legends about his life instead of practical methods of "at-one-ment" - not so much because of an all consuming "evil" force, but because of human arrogance and ignorance - which if you ask me, IS an "evil" force. most of christianity is NOT the teachings of the man they call "jesus" - the new testament is mostly a story of christ's life (and astrological hybrid based on the inner spark within EVERY LIFE FORM) A few choice quotes from the man situated in a story about his life and adventures are NOT his lesson plan and NOT what he was teaching. 12 disciples - each one made to exemplify the legends of the zodiacal houses. And the "Christ" is the mind of infinity experiencing all the houses. My two cents.......

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    As time goes on the Old Testament Prophets are losing their importance. Isaiah for example is now known to have three major authors, each writing in different centuries. The Book of Daniel is a fraud, supposedly written by a Judean Prince taken captive in the Babylonian Exile of 595 BC and who makes pin point accurate predictions about the future was actually written in 165 BC and the predictions were written after the fact, not before. It is absolutely wrong to use the Prophets to make predictions about the present or future as any member of any clergy knows. Ask your Pastor or Priest.

    The New Testament loses much of its believability when Jesus promises to return soon, within the lifetimes of His listeners. He singled out the Disciple John, son of Zebedee, and promised to return in his lifetime. If you use the insane imagery of the Book of Revelations to predict things present, past or future be prepared to join the others through the centuries who tried. Every prediction using Daniel or Revelations has been wrong. Every one wrong. 100% incorrect.

    Despite what the Apostle Paul has said about Christianity being open to all people, Jesus Himself

    declared that His mission on Earth was for the lost sheep of Israel. He instructed His Disciples to stay away from the Samaritans and not to enter the cities of the Gentiles.

    What possible fulfilled Prophecies can you be thinking of?

    To answer part of your question, yes, I have read the Bible. More than that, I have studied the Bible intensely for more than 40 years. Have you read the Bible? It is fascinating, but easily misunderstood and abused by men who want what's in your wallet.

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    Like many atheists I am an ex-Christian, and have read most of the Bible.

    I have yet to see a convincing case for an actual prophecy coming true, as distinct from a) confirmation bias of a vague claim that could be interpreted in many ways or b) the sort of predictions that are likely to eventually come true anyway e.g. peace will come to Somalia.

    1) Can you point to any that do not fit in those categories?

    2) If it were so shown, what would that prove?


    That Salt Shaker is a clone of the original. There's been a spate of cloning this morning.

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    Sorry but yes i have read it and the prophecies dont mean anything. None of them have come true and the ones which could happen - Dont seem too likely.

    As for old testament saying things that is in the new testament - You have to realise that it wouldnt work if it contradicted itself. People wrote it - Not god

    Also one final thing - Look up on scholars etc from that time. Not one of them mention Jesus in their books! Why? If he was so great and doing all these things, surely it would be documented SOMEWHERE else apart from the bible?

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    The predictions in the Bible are like those of Nostradamus; they are sufficiently vague that diverse modern events can be interpreted as fulfillments. Proof of this contention is the fact that it's even possible to argue about it. Were the predictions clear enough, there would be no room for argument. There is no unambiguous mention in the Bible of the atomic bomb, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, the development of the theory of relativity or natural selection, the art of Michaelangelo, space travel, the Arab League, or any of a million other historical events. But this matters not a whit to a person in the grip of a religious delusion. The deluded mind will find what it wants to find, and if it can't find what it wants, it will simply make something up.

  • I was a Christian for 20 years starting at age 10. (If you can call someone at that age a Christian) It wasn't really a one point that suddenly made me an Atheist. It was after years of careful study of religion and their arguments for their beliefs. I was planning on becoming a biblical scholar. I thought it would be interesting to see the Christian defenses for why they think its true and the defense for why people think it isn't true. The Christian arguments didn't hold any water and the Atheist arguments made a lot of sense. After that I looked at other religions and the non-believer arguments always made more sense. So I consider me an Atheist on every religion that I have studied so far.

    It is very easy to make a prophecy fulfilled. Its trying to match up words with the countless events in history. Some people can also make a prophecy vague, or say words in a way that are open to interpretation. Someone can also say something they thought was probably going to happen. They can get away with it that way. On top of that, coincidences happen. There wouldn't be a way to tell if the prophecy fulfilling event was not just a very lucky coincidence. Another way is if the person knew the prophecy beforehand and intentionally made it happen. Since the bible is one of the most widely known books, people are able to do that. Which makes its prophecies not credible.

    Source(s): False prophecies in the Bible:
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    >>Do you really know what's written in the Bible?


    >>Have you read it?


    >>May I ask you a question?

    You just asked three of them.

    >>I can offer an answer to the above questions later on.

    But nobody's asking you. So, you're really not posting these questions because you want to learn something. You just want to sneak in an excuse to proselytize.

    Oh by the way, "prophecies" were never meant to predict the future. The word originally meant "divinely inspired speech." Not until 1300 did it come to mean "predicting future events." [source: Oxford English Dictionary].

    Never mind the fact that there are lots of mundane ways to "predict" the future, such as:

    1. Make the wording sufficiently vague or mistranslated such that, with proper interpretation, it could apply to practically anything.

    2. Predict something which has already happened, then make it look like your prediction came beforehand.

    3. Rewrite history to say that your prediction was actually fulfilled.

    4. Give no time limit for the prediction.

    5. Predict something which is extremely likely to occur (e.g., the fall of a city, some world leader getting assassinated within the next 10 years, etc.).

    6. Make so many predictions one of them is bound to occur. Later, edit out those that failed.

    7. Predict something that you yourself can cause to happen.

    All of the predictions found in the Bible can be fit into one or more of these categories. Jesus, assuming he even existed in the first place, sure didn't fulfill any prophecies:

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    The bible is nothing but "FaCTION" a fictional story set in a factual time and place!!

    The Roman Emperor Constantine produced the bible and he was a pagan not god!!! He also organized Christianity into the Holly Roman Catholic Church!! Not in Israel or any of the countries of supposed origin but entirely ITALIAN!!

    Not one word of it is contemporary with the period and was not written until several hundred years after the period the story is set in!! How did the apostles write their books more than a hundred years after they would have been dead?

    What a wonder full disinformation and deception campaign he waged against his Christian enemies - so good in fact that Christians are still following the deception to this day!!!

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    I have only read to Exodus 4 and something, strait through.

    Yes & yes:

    Joseph with the dream interpretations, Noah and the ark, the rod into a serpent and back into a rod, the plague of blood in the river, the frog infestation, the boils, locusts, dried crops, Christ's resurrection, his second coming, his healing of a blind man, his walking on water before a pair of fishermen (who became his apostles later), three horsemen resembling three different aspects, the last being death represented as a skeleton on a blood or bright red horse, the other two being a white and a grey horse.... Hmm, that is al that comes to mind.

    Uh, the ark one has no evidence to support it, we can't tell if he even existed, yet alone healed the blind and sick, and walked on waters, and fed with a multiplying of fish and bread, or even more so, The Rapture seems to still have yet to come! (I know it is metaphorical, but-) I haven't seen anyone riding a white stallion, a half dead man on a grey horse, or a skeleton with a sword on a horse made of blood, have you?!

    Source(s): Denny Crane...
  • I'm not an atheist but I did leave Catholicism for Hinduism.

    I have read the bible (5 different versions some catholic some christian) I didn't really agree with much of anything in the bible. Almost all of the 'predictions' made seemed like Nostradamus predictions, they told in a way that no matter what they will come true in the future.

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