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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceStandards & Testing · 1 decade ago

how do you analyse review comment for gcse english please help me?

how do you analyse review comment for gcse english please help me.

do u respond to everythin or just one bit of writing

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    When you look at the question/s make sure that you read everything on it. Usually you will have a choice of things to write about especially on paper two, the poetry section is normally a poem you know then another unseen one,this can be chosen by you, or already chosen by the exam board, and will be on the booklet given to you in the exam. In writing to analyse, review or comment you usually get another question relating to these - part A poetry, and part B is the question relating to what you are asking. Normally you will have a choice what one you choose to do out of maybe 3 or 4 things, they will write something like this: Write a review about: a film, book, theatre show, or concert. Or they might say write about 1 event that you hated/loved. Anything could crop up, maybe a choice or just one thing. Analyse: is just looking carefully at the text. Review: is just having a look at what piece/s you find interesting. Comment: you then write about what bits you find interesting, looking for choice pieces that you can use. Remember the 'key' in written work/exams is really looking at the text given. In an actual exam when you read the question do it two three times, underline/highlight the small words that they require you to do, as they are looking to see if you notice them. Analyse - look, Review -choose a piece, Comment-this is the important bit, so 'quote' by picking that piece out of the text, (using quote marks) to show what piece you have chosen from the text, then simply write a short comment about it. A short sentence is usually enough, (about six-eight words) to comment. Then just pick some more bits to quote on, and comment on. That is all you have to do to show that you understand the text.

  • Lori
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Analyse: think about what it says. Review: Say what it says. Comment:say what you think about it. I will be invigilating the exam tommorrow so will be in better position to comment about the text in question then.

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